Affiliate Summit West 2017 Attendees
List of Affiliate Summit West 2017 Attendees

Affiliate Summit West 2017 is the premiere conference on affiliate marketing and tradeshow. Affiliate marketers from worldwide attend the event every year to benefit from a pool of opportunities provided here. This year’s summit is being held on January 15-17, 2017 at Paris, Las Vegas. Now that you know a bit about the event, let’s have a quick look at the rundown of Affiliate Summit West 2017 attendees.

Since 2005, the summit is the best affiliate marketing conference and convention. All serious affiliate marketers interested in learning ways to master the skills to make money blogging participate in the summit. To line up the main advantages, the Affiliate Summit West 2017 attendees get the opportunities to:

  • Attend all sessions related to affiliate marketing for beginners to million dollar marketers.
  • Meet and connect with merchants, affiliate managers, vendors, bloggers, and other affiliates.
  • Connect with digital agencies, networks, technology providers, traffic sources, as well as attend multiple tracks of useful educational sessions to get a hang of the latest trends and techniques in affiliate marketing world.
  • Apart from multiple educational sessions from the affiliate marketing experts, the Affiliate Summit Wes 2017 attendees also get to meet and partner with many other affiliates, affiliate managers, and advertisers.

After taking a gander at the major benefits of attending the event, it’s time to go through the list of Affiliate Summit West 2017 attendees. Looking at the Affiliate Summit West 2017 attendees, people are coming all over from U.S states and other countries. It’s good to see marketers converging to NYC from everywhere.

Apart from the U.S states, the next country sending most attendees is Canada.

After Canada, other countries with the highest number of Affiliate Summit West 2017 attendees are:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Israel
  3. Germany
  4. Netherlands
  5. India
  6. Spain
  7. China
  8. Brazil
  9. Switzerland
  10. Ukraine

In short, people from more than 70 countries will represent themselves at the conference and tradeshow (stats till date). Big companies from these countries have plans to make the most of this conference. Talking about the U.S, people have registered almost from every state, along with Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico. It’s interesting to see participation from developing countries like India as well. Reputed companies like Xportsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd is also on the list of Affiliate Summit West attendees from India.

The states sending the most marketers to Las Vegas are:

  • California
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Nevada

Regions like North Dakota, Rhode Island, and West Virginia are missing from the list of Affiliate Summit West 2017 attendees. Anyway, we are excited to see and get the latest updates from marketers all over the world in the coming 2 weeks.

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List of Affiliate Summit West 2017 Attendees
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List of Affiliate Summit West 2017 Attendees
The list of Affiliate Summit West 2017 attendees is adding up more names every day. Individuals, organizations from many countries will attend the event.
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