10 best proxy sites 2017 to access blocked websites
10 best proxy sites 2017 to access blocked websites

Do you want to access some specific websites blocked in your country, company or college? Proxy servers are very useful for this purpose. With the help of a proxy server, you can easily unblock blocked sites. However, it’s a tough task to find free and working proxy sites. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of best proxy sites 2017 for safe and anonymous browsing over the Web. So without wasting a single moment, let’s discuss them in detail.

Best proxy sites 2017

1. Filterbypass.me

Filterbypass.me is our top choice among the best proxy sites 2017. This is because it’s easy to use and provides various services free of cost. It also has some useful options to choose from, like if cookies should be allowed, if the connection needs to be encrypted, etc. Once you enter the URL of the blocked website on the home page, this free proxy server opens the website in another window. Moreover, it does not have too many ads or pop-ups.

2. Proxysite.com

Proxysite.com is yet another proxy server to access blocked websites. The site’s UI is quite impressive, giving it a professional look. It provides you with many servers from the US and Europe, so you can use whichever suits you best. The best part is that it allows you to manage cookies and change the IP address.

3. Unblocker.us

Unblocker.us is another of the best proxy sites 2017. It also has a nice responsive UI. The homepage contains the URL box where the blocked website’s URL is to be entered. Once you click on “proxy options”, you are provided with several check boxes having options such as the type of encryption you want. Like the previous ones, it also has normal ads and no pop-ups.

4. Youtubeunblockproxy.com

Youtubeunblockproxy.com grabs a place in our list of best proxy servers 2017 because it is reliable. Although the design is not very pleasant, the website always gives the right results. The search box is on the home page where you can enter the website which you want to unblock. It does have pop-ups that are very irritating.

5. Proxy.org

Proxy.org is totally different from the ones we have listed so far. It’s like a directory of free proxy servers located in different regions of the world. In the homepage, the site displays information related to different proxy servers and how they work. From the sidebar, you can access a list of the famous proxy servers. You can choose any one of them.

6. Newipnow.com

Newipnow.com is another great proxy site that has a minimal design but gets the job done efficiently. It offers an array of IP addresses along with their locations to choose from. If you want, you can even get anonymous private proxies for a fixed sum.

If you are looking for a software that can help you locate available HTTP proxy servers easily, you can download HTTP Proxy Scanner here.

7. Dontfilter.us

Dontfilter.us is one of the best proxy sites 2017 to be included in our list. It provides popular options to choose from, like if pages should be encrypted, if scripts should be enabled, etc. We assure you that you’ll definitely love this proxy server once you use it.

8. Ninjacloack.com

Ninjacloack.com has a simple black design with URL box and information regarding various proxy servers displayed on the home page. It also provides options like “No Cookies” and “Remove Scripts”, so you can browse the Internet anonymously.

9. UnblockMyWeb.com

UnblockMyWeb.com is another proxy server that is free to use. Though the site contains some annoying ads but its speed is really good. It’s recommended to use this proxy server after enabling Ad Blocker to get better browsing experience.

10. 4everproxy.com

4everproxy.com comes last in our list of the best proxy sites 2017. It has a nice blue design and works similar to proxy.org. The site is a proxy server directory that lists all the working proxy servers around the world. Due to these special features, we have included this in our proxy server list.

Now, choose your favorite proxy site from this list, enter the URL and surf the website that you longed to visit.

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10 best proxy sites 2017 to access blocked websites
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10 best proxy sites 2017 to access blocked websites
It’s a tough task to find a list of free and working proxy sites. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of best proxy sites 2017 for safe browsing.
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