Best Android apps to learn programming
Quick roundup of the best Android apps to learn programming

When we look a few years back, we notice that it was impossible to even imagine the things we do today. Who had thought that someday we’ll be able to play HD games on our mobile phones, share our photos and videos with the world, and watch the events happening at a distant place sitting at our homes? Really, technology has advanced a lot.

Today, if you own an Android mobile, there is nothing you can’t do on your device. You can play high-end games, watch HD movies, shoot high-quality videos, listen to music, and do much more. You can even learn programming. Yes, you heard it right. There are several apps on the Play Store that helps you learn programming in simple ways. Here we have picked up a collection of 10 best Android apps to learn programming.

Best Android apps to learn programming

Let’s have a look at our collection of the best Android apps to learn programming:

Learn Programming

Learn Programming is an ideal choice for every novice who wants to learn how to code. The application covers basics of over 30 programming languages, ranging from basic languages like C, C++, Java, and HTML to advanced ones like CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and Perl.

Also, there are several other features that make the app amazing such as material design, multilingual support, a Unique set of questions asked during the interview, and Sandbox where you can write code that will display into the browser.

In simple words, the app is just like a blessing for every programming aspirant and one of the best Android apps to learn programming.

Basics of C Programming

The application is specially designed for those who want to start with basic C language but are looking for a specific app. It covers all basic concepts related to the language with over 60 topics containing detailed notes, diagrams, and equations. You’re also provided with different with programs so that you can learn how the concepts are implemented practically.

Overall, you can master all the concepts you need to learn before beginning programming in C, using the app.

Learn C++

Learn C++ is specially designed to assist you to master C++ programming language. The program covers all concepts related to the language in more than 80 lessons, including basic concepts, loops, Arrays, Functions, Classes and Objects, inheritance, Polymorphism, and much more.

There are several things that make the app a perfect choice for budding coders. It is simple, easy to use and offer several features like the ability to create, compile and execute your code. The best part is that the app is offline.

WebMaster’s HTML

WebMaster’s HTML is a great tool for those who want to learn, web designing using HTML. The utility offers support to multiple languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. Apart from this, there are several tools like PHP Editor, CSS Editor and HTML editor and features like Syntax highlighting and code completion for hypertext files, which makes the utility great choice for all budding coders.


AIDE Web is an efficient website editor and integrated development environment (IDE) for Android that lets you create and develop websites on your mobile phone. It offers support for various languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Using this feature-rich application, you can easily write a code and compile it offline. You can even create a website and run it with just a single click.

In simple words, the AIDE turns your mobile phone into small development computer where you can develop and design websites in no time.

Learn PHP

Do you want to learn PHP in simple and easy steps? Well then Learn PHP is a great choice for you. The application covers all basic concepts of PHP language. Here, you can generate dynamic content, create dynamic WebPages, develop websites, and much more. You can even create contact forms, blogs, picture galleries, and surveys.

It’s very easy to work with the app and you can easily get along with it if you’ve basic knowledge of programming.

Learn Java

Learn Java is your complete guide to master Java programming language. It covers all basic concepts of the language in 64 lessons. The app is easy to learn and all the concepts are mentioned in detail. Apart from this, step-by-step tutorials are also provided within the utility. You can even share programs with your friends on social media.

Learn Javascript

Javascript plays a significant role in web design and development. It makes your websites more attractive and dynamic. So, you always need to have basic knowledge of the programming language. Learn JavaScript is an efficient app for this purpose. It offers a complete set of exercises and practice sessions to help you learn JavaScript in lesser time. You can even create your own code and run it within the app.

With exciting rewards and options to engage in fun competition with other users online, Learn JavaScript ensures that you never get bored in mid of the sessions and the fun continues.

Learn Python

Given the demand of Python programming language is much higher these days, you have none other option than to learn it. Using Learn Python app, you can learn the language in simple and interesting manner. Here, you browse through small lessons, participate in quizzes, practice python code, earn rewards, and much more. Seriously, the programming can never be more fun than this.

The app covers all basic concepts of Python language such as Control Structures, functions, Data Types, and Exceptions.

Programming Hub

In the end, we’re presenting an app for those who wish that they could learn all major programming languages at one place. With several key features and support to all major programming languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, and PHP-Programming Hub eliminates the need to download separate apps to learn programming. With the utility, you can easily learn how to code in different languages. Honestly speaking, it is one of the best Android apps to learn programming.

The app is quite famous among people and has been downloaded millions of times on the web.

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Quick roundup of the best Android apps to learn programming
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Quick roundup of the best Android apps to learn programming
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