Roundup of the best New Year resolution apps
Roundup of the best New Year resolution apps

The time has come again when everyone starts making resolutions. Whatever may be the reason, after a few days, most people fail to stick to these resolutions. But the good news is that there is a myriad of apps to help you stay on the right path throughout the year. We’ve rounded up the best New Year resolution apps that you need to succeed in your goals. Let’s start!

Top New Year resolution apps

1. Get more secure online

1 Password (Android/iOS)

Mass hacking was one of the biggest tech stories of 2016, so you might think about improving your online security this year. 1Password is the app that generates strong passwords for you and keeps them secure. As the name suggests, you can access all your saved passwords from the app through a single password.

2. Learn a new language

Memrise (Android/iOS)

Memrise is a creative spin on language-learning apps, turning the course into a part story and part game. A host of languages is supported, including Spanish, French, and Germany. There’s also an optional $6.99 monthly subscription offering you more features and an offline mode.

3. Maintain a digital diary

Momento (iOS)

If you’ve always tried and failed to build a diary writing habit, Momento is one of the best New Year resolution apps worth trying. In addition to saving your notes, the app does some of the work for you, like picking up your posts from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. With Momento, you can jot down notes, save images, as well as create an archive of your work.

4. Discover new podcasts

Pocket Casts (Android/iOS)

If you have a New Year resolution to fully utilize your traveling time, then Pocket Casts is your best bet. Pocket Casts brings new podcasts from around the world so you can download them for offline listening.

5. Become a coder

Lrn (iOS)


Welcoming 2017 with an aim to learn a programming language without any prior knowledge might seem overambitious, but Lrn could be a good way to start your journey as a programmer. It is a learn-to-code app that divides its lessons into various topics such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, and much more. Bitesize quizzes help you test your programming skills.

6. Learn an instrument

Yousician (Android/iOS)

Learning a new instrument is a common New Year resolution that most people put on their list. Yousician is the app that not only teaches you the basics of piano, guitar, and other instruments, but also allows you to listen to your efforts. It is an excellent blend of video tutorials and game-like practicing.

7. Try out new recipes

Kitchen Stories (Android/iOS)

If you are tired of cooking the same meals in 2017 and want to give new recipes a try, Kitchen Stories is a good place to start. It’s a collection of recipes with new ones added every week. The helpful video lessons provide an excellent way to determine how difficult it is to prepare a particular dish.

8. Stick to your reading goals

Bookout (iOS)

Bookout is among the best resolution apps 2017 that can help you achieve your reading goals. You can set the amount of time you want to spend reading books and track your progress within the app. Many social features offered by the app may turn you into a bookworm before 2017 ends.

9. Spend less time on your smartphone

BreakFree (Android/iOS)

The irony is that many people might want to spend less time gazing into the blue screen of their smartphone. BreakFree can help you spend more time in the real world.  It tracks your smartphone usage so you can manage how much time to spend on your smartphone.

10. Stick to your resolutions

Streaks (iOS)


The thing that matters the most is to stick to all the resolutions you’ve chosen for 2017. Whether it’s a daily run, reading books, drinking more water or eating healthy food, Streaks is the perfect app to keep you on track. You can set up to six daily tasks and the app will let you know when you’ve done each one.

If you’ve already prepared your New Year resolutions list, you can kick start 2017 with these great New Year resolution apps. Go on and make those resolutions a reality!

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Roundup of the best New Year resolution apps
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Roundup of the best New Year resolution apps
We’ve rounded up the best New Year resolution apps that you need to succeed in your goals. Let’s discuss them one by one.
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