15 Super Mario Run tips and tricks to become a legend
15 Super Mario Run tips and tricks to become a legend

After Pokémon Go, Super Mario Run became one of the most addictive mobile games of the year 2016. The game seems delightfully simple on the surface, but as you progress you’ll find it more challenging than the intitial stages of the game. Even if you are not a gaming freak, you can overcome level after level with these awesome Super Mario Run tips and tricks.

Super Mario Run tips and tricks

1. Micro jump

Starting with the basics, a light tap on the screen will cause a short jump. If you want a longer jump, you can hold your finger on the screen.

2. Mega jump

If you’re unable to jump high enough to grab those gold coins, tap the finger again while you are mid-air. This will give Mario an extra boost for a mega jump, giving you just the edge you need.

3. Boost even more

Another cool way to blast high in the sky is to press jump as you land on an enemy. You’ll get an even higher jump.

4. Take some rest

No matter how addictive a game is, you’ll eventually end up tiring your fingers after hours of playing. Fortunately, throughout the game, you’ll find red blocks that you can use to freeze the action. When you see a red block, don’t jump over it. Instead, position Mario on top of it and rest until you’re ready for the action.

5. Bubble up

In case you missed something exciting in a level and want to go back in time, just press the bubble button at the top of the screen to be transported a few seconds backward. Tap on the bubble when you reach the position where you want Mario to land. You only have limited numbers of bubbles, so use them wisely.

6. Unlock friends

Are you bored with the mustached plumber? You can get new characters from the Mario world with each having their own abilities. You can unlock Toad by linking your ‘My Nintendo’ account to the game. Playing Toad Rally and building your Mushroom Kingdom can help you unlock new characters. To use other characters, simply tap on the character icon when choosing a level.

7. Hammer it!

If you’ve got a hammer, you can use it to destroy Thwomps (the scary stone cubes). Open the Build menu, press the hammer icon and hit the Thwomp to knock it out of your kingdom.

8. Reverse jump

You can make Mario jump backward if you tap the screen as soon as Mario hits a wall. This one among the Super Mario tips and tricks can come really handy, as it can save Mario from getting knocked out.

9. Get down in style

There are different ways to get down from a wall. Swipe left on the screen during a jump and Mario will descend. This also works if Mario is jumping and in the middle of jump you find it a bad idea.

10. Become a star

If you want to unlock other characters the best way is to collect more and more coins. To collect coins quickly, make sure you catch stars throughout the game. Stars will make the coins you pass to fly to you, letting you collect them with ease.

11. Play Toad Rally

If you play Toad Rally every day, you’ll earn extra goodies. You can see your rewards in the My Nintendo screen.

12. Keep toads happy

Make sure that the kingdom you build has Toad houses. Toads will produce more coins for you, letting you grab more bonuses.

13. Take a world tour

You can play Super Mario Run in World Tour Mode to get a bonus level house. Then, play it once a day to collect coins and get Toad Rally tickets.

14. Check your colors

If you need to change the color of Toad, only challenge other players whose Toad has the same color as you need.

15. Save Battery

This is one of the best Super Mario Run tips and tricks that everyone will definitely admire. Just hit the menu button, go to Settings, and choose Options. From here, you can lower the rendering and graphics settings in the game to conserve battery life.

Now grab your smartphone and use these great Super Mario Run tips and tricks to master the game. If you know any more tricks for Super Mario, then share them in the comments section.

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15 Super Mario Run tips and tricks to become a legend
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15 Super Mario Run tips and tricks to become a legend
Ever if you are not a gaming freak, you can overcome level after level with these awesome Super Mario Run tips and tricks.
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