10 best downloadable Android keyboard apps
10 best downloadable Android keyboard apps

Do you find the default keyboard app on your Android device too cluttered, not customizable, or just plain ugly? Are you looking for some other pleasant typeface for your smartphone? If the answer to all these questions is in yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, we’ve curated the best Android keyboard apps for you whether you’re looking for more customization options, faster typing, or anything else.

There are many third-party apps with which you can replace your default keyboard on Android. However, you may feel little confused when you’ve to select the one from the sea of apps on Play Store. To help you out, we’re providing you the pearls from the sea of apps, i.e. the cool Android keyboard apps that you can download just by clicking on the name of the app you like. Let’s start:

Here are the best Android keyboard apps

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard

Let’s start with the obligatory nod of the stock Android keyboard, i.e. Google Keyboard. It is the baseline from which all Android keyboard apps are judged. Google Keyboard brings the best of both tap and gesture typing, and the performance is top rated. The app has a built-in Google’s voice typing, so you can switch to voice in one go. It also provides granular control over settings like haptic feedback duration, auto-correct aggressiveness, and long-press duration for secondary characters. If you favor simplicity, Google Keyboard app could be the only keyboard you need for your Android device.



If you find Google keyboard quite nice, but didn’t get pleased with its little customization options, then switch to Chrooma keyboard in our list of best keyboard apps for Android. Unlike Google keyboard, Chrooma for Android comes with a series of customization options such as the night mode, keyboard resizing, swipe typing, and you can even change the keyboard color to suit your taste. Moreover, it includes a number row, emoji, and support for over 60 languages.



Users who really love gesture typing must check out Swype, which continues to remain a gold standard for this kind of keyboard app. It also adds hot words from different users and news around the globe to keep you up to date with the latest slang. The keyboard app is available in free version as well as paid version, which brings premium themes and offers cloud sync along with a backup of your words, and more. The only alarm bell of this app is that it requires you to use its inbuilt Dragon software for voice dictation.



SwiftKey is one of the most popular Android keyboard apps ever. Its feature list has been multiplied over the years together with its user base. The text predictions capability of the app is unrivaled. It offers predictions for the next word in your sentence by learning your typing habits from your social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. If you’re also looking to move your hands on SwiftKey keyboard, then let us tell you that it is available on the Play Store for free and you’ll have to make some in-app purchases for premium features.

Slash Keyboard


Another keyboard in our list of best downloadable Android keyboard apps is Slash Keyboard that is based on extensions or slashes. The app can be termed as Swiss Army Knife of Android Keyboard apps as it includes a built-in search for emoji, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Giphy, Google Maps, Amazon, Spotify, SoundCloud, and other services. Simply tap on the Slash button to the left of the spacebar to instantly start searching like a Product Hunt. You can download the app from the Play Store without paying even a single penny.

Ginger Keyboard


Ginger Keyboard is an all-in-one package for themes, gesture typing, emojis, app shortcuts, solid autocorrect and even search. The most interesting thing in Ginger keyboard app among our Android keyboard apps is that you can play classic games like Snake or something newer like 2048, without leaving the app you’re in. It also integrates with a lot of grammar checking tools like spell checker.

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Fleksy has become one of the widely used Android keyboard apps in a very short span of time. Thanks to its quirky animations and a store of themes that make its looks sleek and amazing. The keyboard app for Android packs extensions like hotkeys, which allows you to add your own smart keys, emojis, and symbols that you often use.

Fleksy provides support for GIFs and a number of keyboard layouts such as AZERTY, QWERTY, QWERTZ, Colemark, and Dvomark. The only thing missing in it is swipe/gesture/flow typing support; however, its tap typing is super good that you must be pretty satisfied using it. The best of all, the app is available on the Play Store for free, so you can check it yourself.



TouchPal is a powerful keyboard app for Android that packs in all the features you’d expect from an ideal keyboard. There’s nothing that you can’t customize as per your need, be it vibration, font, sound, width, or height.

The keyboard app for Android lets you sync your personal dictionary with the cloud, so you can get it even when you switch to another device. It supports ‘mixed language input’ wherein the keyboard app takes predictions from a different language. On the top of that, TouchPal comes with an app locker to password protect certain apps.

Microsoft Hub Keyboard

Microsoft hub

It is one of the best free Android keyboard apps for those folks who are tied into Microsoft’s software ecosystem via OneDrive, Office365, and Bing. Microsoft Hub Keyboard for Android helps you add and share your important documents without leaving the app you’re in and provides seamless integration with almost all Microsoft’s services.

GIF Keyboard

GIF keyboard

If you’re in the habit of sharing GIFs, then GIF Keyboard should be your go-to choice for Android. GIF Keyboard app for Android offers a quick access to trending GIFs, commonly themed GIFs, a search tool, and keyboard shortcuts. Express your emotions, crack jokes, or share GIFs with Tenor’s GIF keyboard app, which is providing an honorable ending to our list of best downloadable Android keyboard apps.

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10 best downloadable Android keyboard apps
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10 best downloadable Android keyboard apps
In this post, we’ve curated the best Android keyboard apps for you whether you’re looking for more customization options, faster typing, or anything else.
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