rotate videos using KMPlayer
How to rotate videos using KMPlayer

We always use cameras, smartphones, camcorders, and other devices to record our beautiful moments in daily life. Although the recorded videos work well on shooting device, you will often find it upside down or in the wrong direction once you move it to your Windows PC or Mac. You know how annoying it can be to watch a video with the large black bars on sides, especially when you put a lot of effort to record it. Before going to turn your monitor over or rotate your neck in right or left direction, how about checking our tutorial on how to rotate videos using KMPlayer. We assure you that your monitor and your neck will thank you.

If you don’t have the player yet, download KMPlayer for Windows now and rotate videos using KMPlayer in the orientation you like. Let’s start video rotation with KMPlayer:

Step-by-step guide to rotate videos using KMPlayer

Step 1: Firstly, download the latest version of KMPlayer. In order to rotate videos using KMPlayer, you should have K-Lite Codec Pack to be installed on your system

Step 2: Open the video file you want to rotate using Ctrl + O keyboard shortcut

Open Video file

Step 3: Open the context menu by right-clicking on the mouse and navigate to Video (Basic) > Screen Rotation (CCW) > 90 degrees rotation. In this way, you can rotate your video by 90 degrees clockwise

Context Menu

The Screen Rotation (CCW) option also allows you to flip and rotate videos using KMPlayer by 90 degrees rotation with mirroring and you can use its 270 degrees rotation for your videos.

Step 4: If you always want to open your video in the position you like, then you need to open Control Box (Alt + G) > Preferences (F2)


Step 5: Now, you will see an unchecked box under the General tab: Sore settings to KMPCfg.ini (a bit slow). Check this option to save your videos

General tab

Step 6: Next time when you open your video file in KMPlayer, you’ll notice that it has flipped as you want

Step 7: Developers warned that the position saving option sometimes works improperly. For this sake, you can use its mirroring option by navigating to Video (Basic) > Mirror Image (Ctrl + F10). Set the orientation you’d want to keep with your video and apply mirroring option to it. The only downside of this trick is that it doesn’t work for WMV video files

Mirror video

So, this was our solution to deal with the wrong orientated videos after transferring them to PC or Mac. Rotate videos using KMPlayer and don’t miss your beautiful recorded moments. To make your audio/video experience better, you can also play two subtitles in KMPlayer at the same time.

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How to rotate videos using KMPlayer
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How to rotate videos using KMPlayer
In this tutorial, we’ll guide you step by step on how to rotate videos using KMPlayer. First of all, you'll need to download KM Player on your system.
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