Upcoming tech trends of 2017
10 upcoming tech trends of 2017 that will dominate the market

Welcome to 2017, a new year full of new hopes and expectations. Now you must be eager to know which tech trends will dominate the market this year. Here, we have prepared a list of 10 such anticipated upcoming tech trends of 2017.

No doubt, making predictions at the starting of the New Year is just like shooting an arrow in dark and expecting it to hit bulls-eye. We may also get to see some surprises from tech giants. Still, you can go through the list of upcoming tech trends of 2017 and see what the market is going to be like this year.

Upcoming tech trends of 2017 to look forward


A few years back, the concept of Virtual Reality seemed like a fantasy. We couldn’t even imagine that someday it will be possible to immerse ourselves in the virtual world of the movie we’re watching or the game we’re playing. But now the concept has become a reality and it’s rocking the world.

In 2016, we saw a significant growth in the field of VR. It started with Facebook’s release of Oculus Rift in late march, followed with HTC’s Vive and Samsung’s Gear VR, Sony’s VR, and Google’s Daydream View.

We’re expecting the same kind of growth in Virtual Reality this year as well. Several other tech giants Microsoft, Qualcomm and Nintendo have expressed their interest in the field. Now it will be interesting to see what this year has in store for VR. It is one of the much awaited upcoming tech trends of 2017.


Next in our list of upcoming tech trends of 2017 is none other than AR. The concept of Augmented Reality (AR) was almost unknown until the release of Pokémon Go. It was the courtesy of the concept that the legendary Pokémon characters were brought in the real world and the game became instantly popular.

Record breaking success of the game proved that the technology has a potential to shape the market. Now, top tech giants around the world have also started believing so. Back in November, there were rumors that Apple is working on AR Glasses. Some sources even claimed that the iPhone maker will update iPhone 7 with augmented reality features.

Now, we don’t know how much true these rumors and reports are, but we can be sure that this year is going to be great for Augmented Reality.

Machine learning

Machine learning is in the news over past few years. It was even instrumental in enhancing Google’s core search engine algorithm. However, when it comes to its deployment, we only get to see a limited range of applications.

This year, we expect that the technology will expand its reach to more areas. That day is not so far when the concept of machine learning will become very much normal and will be deployed in everything in our daily lives. It will shape the world.

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent Apps like virtual private assistants (VPAs) can be seen as the next big thing in the industry. They have the potential to revolutionize work scenario and boost productivity. Major organizations are taking a keen interest in creating such programs that can make everyday tasks easier.

We can expect a decent growth in the sector this year.

Intelligent Things

Apart from Intelligent Apps, intelligent things are also gaining a lot of popularity. Long gone is the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) where we were connecting every object to Internet. Now, the goal is to make these objects intelligent with the help of AI. We are not far from the day when different objects will communicate with each other and send instructions to accomplish tasks. This will completely transform the way we use the internet.

Even if there are several issues like privacy, liability, and the problem of creating high-end digital assistants, we can expect a lot of growth in the technology this year.

Driverless Cars

The concept of driverless cars is also gathering attention. Several tech giants like Google, Blackberry and Tesla are coming forward to create their own models of driverless cars. So, there are chances that the trend will continue to rock in 2017 as well. In short, we may get to see more such vehicles in the market.

Digital Twin

The concept of Digital Twin is quite interesting. A dynamic software model of a physical thing or system. That physical thing can be anything: your phone, your car or even you. Using the data on how a particular thing works and responds to surroundings and data provided with various sensors, it will be possible to analyze how it will react in simulated real-world conditions or respond to a particular change.

This will completely shape the industry and change the way we do things. Skilled individuals and traditional monitoring devices (pressure gauges) will be replaced by more advanced systems, thus creating an increasingly detailed representation of real world for analysis, simulation, and control.

In simple words, we can say that Digital Twins technology is the next big thing of 2017.

Humanized Big Data

The concept of Big Data wasn’t that much popular 4-5 years back. But now it’s echoing everywhere like a buzzword. The goal is to utilize the large quantity of data which is present online to improve efficiency and productivity. From simple tasks like event management to launching better marketing campaigns, everything has become possible with the technology.

In 2017, we are expecting a significant growth in Big Data, as well as some key changes in its deployment. We seek it to be presented in a more visualized and accessible way, something which lacks in the current system.

Everything on demand

All thanks to the era of e-commerce and brands like Uber, it has become possible to buy almost everything on demand. If you’re hungry you can order food via a phone app, need a ride you can book a cab directly from your mobile, need a place to stay for the night, open your phone and book a hotel online. In simple words, it has become much easier to get everything you need.

This year is also going to be great for the industry and we may get to see some revolutionary changes.

Security, privacy, and biometrics

Security has always been the primary concern for all of us. In this time of cyber tech, we already know that strong and decent passwords are not strong enough to preserve your privacy and confidentiality. So, the companies are moving towards more strong security measures. Fingerprint technology has been made available on mobiles. Even some computers have introduced Facial recognition technology. This is a clear sign that we’re moving towards a new era of security and privacy and 2017 will be the next milestone of it.

That’s all we’ve in our list of upcoming tech trends of 2017 that will dominate the market.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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10 upcoming tech trends of 2017 that will dominate the market
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10 upcoming tech trends of 2017 that will dominate the market
In this post, we'll discuss upcoming tech trends of 2017 that will dominate the market. The list includes famous technologies like AR, VR, Machine learning.
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