Social Media in 2016: A glimpse into the crystal ball
Social Media in 2016: A glimpse into the crystal ball

In the past decade, social media has transformed the way people seek out information and interact with others. Let’s talk about this year for social media; it was full of convergence, refinements, and a treasure of live streaming. You don’t know? Oh! Let me guess, you were quite busy in making other plans, attending important meetings, celebrating festivals, etc. With so much work in hand, it’s obvious that you may miss all crispy news. Don’t worry, as we’ve come up with a summary of social media in 2016 that will make you aware of all the hot news in the social market. Let’s take a glimpse into the crystal ball:

Social media in 2016

The major 2016 social media apps are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, and they were continuously in a war to serve you breakfast garnished with some spicy news. We’ll tell you about all social media trends one by one.



Whenever there is any talk related to social media, the first name that comes to our mind is Facebook. In 2016, Facebook has continuously made bold moves in order to refine its approach to become the king of social media. From drones and satellites in the sky to Zuckerberg’s new Iron-man style AI system named Javis in his home, the social media giant is following the footmarks of Alphabet to spread its wings. However, Facebook made an enormous deal of changes to its platform this year, viz. a plenty of flipping and flopping fake news and how they will put an end to it. The new social media features are listed below:

Algorithm Changes

In an attempt to beat fake news, Facebook made few changes to its newsfeed algorithm called EdgeRank. The latest changes take into account how many users click through to something and then immediately return back to Facebook, and how it will potentially alert users from fake news. Prior to this year, the social media platform also did a similar thing for clickbait-style headlines.


All we wanted was a dislike option, and instead, the social media app gave us some other way to react to updates and posts dubbed Facebook reactions, without using its like button or comments. Somehow, we can now express our feelings in a proper manner rather than just hitting the like button when someone’s pet has passed away. Occasionally, Facebook will even bring these reactions for festivals, and in future, it may let them be sponsored.

Facebook Live

Throwing its hat into the ring, the social media in 2016 has become one of the pioneer contenders for live streaming content from the general public. To diversify what it offers, Facebook established a partnership with popular brands like Livestream and DJI.


Facebook Marketplace is the place where you can sell and buy your goods in the nearby location. This feature also allows you to search for particular items locally. It is yet restricted to mobile versions of the app in its initial phase. Besides the buying and selling capabilities, you are allowed to browse through the provided categories, including electronics, apparel, and household.

360 degrees

Have you ever thought for which purpose the panoramic feature is available on your phone? Well, the social media giant found a use for it in this year. Now, you can upload your panoramic photos via the app and users can use their sensors to virtually track and shuttle across it.



Snapchat has become a king-sized platform for social media in 2016, mesmerizing users from dying platforms like Vine to create a new following. All the way from spectacles to crazy filters, following are the foremost changes we’ve seen in the social media in 2016:

Snapchat Memories

Gone are the days when ephemeral images and videos were the only part of the Snapchat stories. With the launch of Snapchat Memories, users can now save photos and videos they take on the social media app, store them in a cloud folder, and view them later when they want. Users can even import images from their devices and post them in their Snapchat stories as well.


Incepted as filters, but now known as stickers. In addition to slapping a random image or icon over a photo/video you take, Snapchat stickers have a bit of cleverness behind it. While recording a video, stickers can be put into it and track your camera’s motion and position. It also gives you the possibility to crop an image and create your very own sticker.

Chat 2.0

Once a rudimentary system and a piece of pain to use, Snapchat Chat 2.0 made it a breeze to save chats, add videos or images, and even make voice and video calls within it. Similar to other Snapchat features, it will also notify you when someone takes screenshots of your chat messages.



It is no secret that Instagram is currently on a mad rush to take as many of Snapchat’s features and copy them into its app, to acquire a large number of user base. Although the social media in 2016 has not been innovative, the app has made quite a few changes from its first debut as just a network to share and like photos.

Comment Replies and Hearts

While it took a while to implement, users can now directly reply to a comment on the app. Instagram lets you heart/favorite it as well.

Instagram Stories

Snatched straight from Snapchat, Instagram Stories allows you to post a bunch of photos and videos throughout the day. At the end of the day, all your posted media will disappear.

Image Zooming

One of the major changes in this social media in 2016 is its image zooming feature. Instagram made it difficult to take the full picture if you own a small screen smartphone. In August, one of the best social media apps Instagram provided a solution to this problem. Now, you can zoom your images if needed.

Multiple Accounts

Predominantly for seasoned professionals, the social media giant has rolled a small series of new features that make it easier to manage multiple accounts. Users can now easily switch between their accounts; however, it yet possesses some bugs. Sometimes, you may find that your messages have not merged properly.



It can be said that 2016 has been a rough year for Twitter, losing most of its top executives and constantly receiving denied offers for a buyout. However, the social media in 2016 made a tight grip on the market by adding a new type of content onto its platform, which really has done well for it.

Live Steams

Surely, you can now stream Periscope videos through Twitter, though the major change comes down to the real programming you can watch on the network. Twitter live 360 video streaming allows you to check out what’s happening with well-known celebrities worldwide and take a look at behind the scenes of exclusive events.

Ditching the number 140

This was a great news in 2016 for those who use Twitter as a social weapon. Users can now play with more words rather than 140 character limit. Images, GIFs, videos, polls, usernames, and links no longer count in your Tweets.

GIF Integration

Everyone loves GIFs, and the social media in 2016 utilizes this fact very cleverly. Twitter now gives you the ability to add GIFs to your tweets right from your desktop or the mobile apps.

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Social Media in 2016: A glimpse into the crystal ball
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Social Media in 2016: A glimpse into the crystal ball
Every year brings huge changes in social media, and 2016 was no exception. Here, we’ve come with a summary of social media in 2016. Let's get started.
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