How to take video screenshot using GOM Player
How to take video screenshot using GOM Player

Want to save your favorite moments in a movie or video as images? Normally you try to capture the screen of a paused video using the built-in screen capture tool in Windows. But you’ll not get the desired size and quality of the image that you want. Worry not, as you can easily take video screenshot using GOM Player.

Besides playing multimedia files, GOM Media Player also helps you capture movie screenshots without having to pause the video. So let’s find out how you can do this!

Take video screenshot using GOM Player

Play your favorite movie in GOM Player, and once you reach the frame of the video which you want to capture simply hit Ctrl+G hotkey.

If you want better control on the frame, pause the video and right click on the screen and go to Video> Advanced Screen Capture. When no video is being played, you’ll see advertisements in GOM Player.


The ‘Advanced Screen Capture’ dialog will open. You can choose the default location for storing captured images by clicking on Change Directory option. Select the output image format for your captured frames. The default image format is JPG, but you can change it to BMP. You can also adjust the image quality if you want.


There are various ways through which you can capture video screenshots using GOM Player.

1. Capture frame

Click on Capture to save the current frame. You can access the captured images from the destination folder by clicking on Open Directory.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E to directly take a screenshot using GOM Player without opening the dialog.

2. Copy frame to clipboard

Hit the Copy button if you just want to copy the image to clipboard, which you can later use in any image editing software.

Alternatively, you can use the hotkey Ctrl+C to directly copy current frame to the clipboard without opening the dialog.

3. Capture multiple frames

In case you are not confident about taking a perfect video screenshot with GOM Media Player, you can capture multiple frames one after other.


For this, you need to enter the number of images (1 to 999) you want to capture and select a burst interval (between 0 and 120 seconds). Then click on Burst Capture and all the images, starting from the current frame, will be saved to the destination folder.

Set As Wallpaper

This indeed is a very interesting feature. You can set the current frame as your desktop wallpaper with just a click.

Take video screenshot using GOM Player and spice up your desktop with your captured images.

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How to take video screenshot using GOM Player
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How to take video screenshot using GOM Player
Besides playing multimedia files, you can also take video screenshot using GOM Player. So let’s find out how you can do this!
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