Best iOS apps 2016 you should install right now
Best iOS apps 2016 you should install right now

Apps are the keystone of Apple’s iOS platform. What makes Apple’s mobile platform to stand out from its nemeses is its ecosystem which gives you an easy access to your smartphone. Within Apple’s App Store, you find yourself stuck in the chaos of apps and unable to find the best apps, especially the ones which are worth having on your iOS device. In a race to serve you the best of best, we’ve been tinkering with apps throughout the year to provide you a list of the best iOS apps 2016 that definitely helps you get out from the chaos of App Store. Now, on the nitty-gritty details check out our list:

Best iOS apps 2016: all killer zero filler



Let’s ring up the curtains of our list of best iOS apps 2016 with this fascinating music app, Noise. The app allows you to create your own music within a few minutes. Using classic and easy-to-learn gestures, users can create melodies, beats, and songs with a huge collection of their sound tracks.

The music app for iOS expands its power when it’s connected to ROLI BLOCKS, the modular music studio. Create your next beat right from your iOS device with Noise app.

Yo Vault

Yo vault

It’s always good to keep your personal and sensitive data in a safe pair of hands. Keeping this fact in mind, we’ve included Yo Vault app in our list of best iPhone apps. It is one of the best privacy apps for iPhone to protect and secure your confidential data.

Not only Yo Vault keeps your valuable files secured and hidden behind a custom pattern lock, but also provides your important information like Credit Card details, Passport records, etc. always within an easy reach.

That’s not all, as it gives you the ability to store, hide and secure your photos, audios, and videos that you share on social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, to name a few. Go with the Yo factor and fortify everything that means a lot in your life.



Stunning pictures, amusing cat photos, hot news topics, and the best debates on the Internet – a glimpse of stupendous things the Reddit app does the best.

On Reddit for iPhone, there is a community for every section you can think of: your favorite sports team, memes, top trends on Twitter, etc. So, next time when you get bored of your tedious life and need some break, remember to check out Reddit app in our best iOS apps 2016 list.

Ads Blocker Pro

ads blocker pro

Why use the generous data cap of your iOS device in loading ads you don’t wish to see? Switch to Ads Blocker Pro app that has gained an outstanding position in our list of best iOS apps 2016.

Ads Blocker Pro for iPhone is the only security app you ever need to block annoying ads as well as browser malware. This way the app provides you a secure and fast Internet surfing experience. Save your cellular data pack, remain protected against all web threats with Ads Blocker Pro in your iOS device.



We know that you’re definitely going to download this if you’re a die-hard TV shows lover. Netflix for iPhone is the world’s leading entertainment app to watch TV episodes and movies on your smartphone.

In order to attract some more flies onto sugar, Netflix adds an option for offline playback. Yes, you can now enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies when you are offline.



Another useful app in our list of best iOS apps 2016 is Simplenote. You can use the app to keep your important lists, notes, ideas, etc. It syncs your notes with all your devices for free.

Simplenote also allows you to share your notes with others to collaborate on a project, or simply access the same list. To create notes with Simplenote is like plucking a flower from a garden. Just open the app, write your thoughts that you wish to remember, and there you are!



Turn any time into an exciting storytime with Audible. Listen to your favorite stories whenever you want on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, speed up your commute with a thriller, find yourself captured into a kingdom of intrigue, and much more. With Audible for iOS, the possibilities are boundless.



In this fast-moving world, there’s a vast community whose senses lie in comics. What will happen if you get an entire series of your favorite comics on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? No! You’re not in a dream. With ComiXology, you can read over 75K comics available from almost all top publishers like DC, Marvel, Top Shelf, Oni, and BOOM.

No matter in which bracket you settle ranging from the world of wars between superheroes to sci-fi, ComiXology has always something for you.

Motion Stills

Motion Stills

There’s no doubt that photos put wings to our memories and our memories are never still. So, we’ve included Motion Stills app in our list of free iPhone apps 2016. It is a pilot from Google that plants life to your memorable photos with an advanced rendering and stabilization.

Whirl your photos into GIFs to freshen up your old memories, and you can merge them together to create epic movies. What’s more, you can share your looping GIFs directly on your preferred messaging app.

Khan Academy

khan academy

Wanna be smarter about Science and Math stuff? If yes, then check out Khan Academy. It is one of the best apps for iPhone that allows you to learn nearly anything for free. With over 10K videos and explanations, the educational app puts all mathematical, science, history, and economics concepts at your fingertips.

Sharpen your skills and flex your muscles with its interactive exercises that are tailored for you through the education world. By giving you a golden opportunity to brush up your talent without going to any classroom, Khan Academy completes our list of best iOS apps 2016.

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Best iOS apps 2016 you should install right now
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Best iOS apps 2016 you should install right now
In a race to serve you the best of best, we've listed the best iOS apps 2016 to help you get out from the chaos of app store. Let's get started.
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