best Facebook games of 2016
Our pick of the best Facebook games of 2016

Over past few years, Facebook has completely transformed itself. The platform is no longer limited to being a social media hub where you chat and interact with each other, but much more than that. Very few people know that they can also play games on the platform.

To make you aware of the social media network’s gaming capabilities, we’ve prepared a list of the best Facebook games of 2016. It includes all popular adventures that successfully made a mark on the platform. Let’s get started:

Best Facebook games of 2016

Best Facebook Web games

Facebook Game of the year: Gardenscapes – New Acres

Developed by: Playrix (EMEA)

Incepted on the Facebook web earlier this year, the game is an addictive combination of real-time simulation elements and factors like time management and strategy. Exciting graphics, intense storyline, and features like the option to become friends with neighbours and invite them to in-game social events are some of the reasons the game is so much popular.

Poker Heat

Developed by: Playtika (EMEA)

Poker Heat is the latest release from developer Playtika. The card game offers you a chance to participate in exciting poker matches against other players around the globe. Begin from the Newbie Court to defeat your opponents and make your way into the World Class league and then climb your way to becoming the top poker player in the world. This is so much exciting.

Naruto Online

Developed by: Oasis Games (APAC)

With this immersive MMORPG, you get an opportunity to relive the epic saga of Naruto. Here you get to play as your favorite character in the anime series, explore familiar places and unravel the hidden mysteries.

This game is a complete package of unlimited thrill, excitement, and fun. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

Slots-Wizard of OZ

Developed by: Zynga

The game is based on a popular movie of the same name. Here you assist a little girl and her friends, uncover the secrets of an iconic story through a series of slot machines.

League of Angels II

Developed by: Yuzu

A sequel to the smash-hit turn-based combat, League of Angels II takes the intense excitement of the first game to a whole new level. Here you assemble your team of powerful angels and engage in high-octane PVP and PVE battles. The game is highly popular on the platform and has been played by 30mn users since its launch.

Bejeweled Stars

Developed by: EA

Bejeweled Stars is the rebooted version of the classic game where you collect and combine gems as you proceed through various levels.

Taonga: The Island Farm

Developed by: Volka

Toanga: The Island Farm is one of those games that instantly became popular. Within three months of its release, it succeeded in securing a place in the list of top 100 grossing titles.

The game is simulation based where you conquer the tropics and transform a barren island into your dream farm.


Developed by: MutantBox

Liberators is a WWII strategy game where you build powerful armies and engage in battles against other players. The game’s immersive graphics and interactive gameplay have earned it a lot of popularity. It has been played by millions of people around the web.

Best Gameroom Games

Oz: Broken Kingdom

Developed by: NEXON M

OZ: The Broken Kingdom was already much popular on mobile before it was integrated with Gameroom to reach more audience.

There are several reasons to love the game such as exciting graphics which you’ll definitely admire, an immersive gameplay that’ll keep you occupied for hours, and an intense storyline that will give you a justified reason to participate in the battle. You’ll enjoy it to the core.

Critical Ops

Developed by: Critical Force

Critical Ops is an addictive first-person shooter game specially designed for those who’re looking forward to have some happy time firing bullets at enemies. Either you can play a couple of rounds in the game mode or you can engage in bloodthirsty challenges against other friends. Also, since the game offers cross-platform support, you can play it from just about any device.

Game of Dice

Developed by: JOYCITY

This exciting adventure offers you a chance to play as various characters in the fictional world of Game of Dice. Here you use various skill cards to defeat other players, take over cities, collect items and become more popular than your rivals. The game has outstanding anime graphics which you’re going to admire on Gameroom.

Best Instant Games


Developed by: Blackstorm

Everwing plots you in a fictional world where you fight against monsters, raise your fairies, add dragons and unlock various missions.


Developed by: FRVR

Hex FRVR is a kind of game you always need to have some relaxation time. Here, you try to make combinations of different colored blocks to score points and advance further.

That’s all we have in our list of the best Facebook games of 2016. Enjoy!

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Our pick of the best Facebook games of 2016
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Our pick of the best Facebook games of 2016
In this post, we've picked a collection of the best Facebook games of 2016. The list includes famous titles like League of Angels II and Poker Heat.
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