How to create Bluestacks SD Card on your PC
How to create Bluestacks SD Card on your PC

Bluestacks App Player has done a great job in allowing Android apps to be played on Windows and Mac. It has gained a huge popularity in a short period of time. As Bluestacks App Player is still in beta, many users put in a lot of queries related to storage problems. Here in this article, we’ll help you create Bluestacks SD Card and try to solve these problems.

Before we tell you how to create Bluestacks SD Card, you should know where you can find Bluestacks SD Card of your PC.

Locate Bluestacks SD Card

SD Card of Bluestacks is actually a file that rests on your PC. It’s like a virtual disk used by Bluestacks to store all SD Card data. You can locate the file from C> Program Data> Bluestacks> Android. The Program Data folder is hidden by default and you have to enable Show Hidden Files to access the folder.

Once you’ve enabled this, you will be able to see a Program Data folder in the drive. Go to Program Data> Bluestacks> Android. Here, you should see a file named SDCard.sparsefs. Now, you can create a new SD Card here and link it with Bluestacks with ease.

Create Bluestacks SD Card

The first and the foremost thing you need to do is to install an image creator that has the ability to create an empty drive image.

1. You can download DATA.IMG Maker for this purpose

2. Open a file named Resize SD.bat. A new TopoResize window will be launched

3. Select Create New and choose your desired location for saving the new SD Card

4. Provide a suitable name to your SD Card file with the .fs extension and hit Save

5. There’s a slider to fix the amount of space you want to allocate for the newly created image. You can increase SD Card size of Bluestacks, but it depends on the amount of free space on the destination drive


6. Click on Create File and the application will ask you to select a file system. Select none.

7. Finally, click on OK and then Quit. That’s it, you’ve successfully created a Bluestacks SD Card on your PC.

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How to create Bluestacks SD Card
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How to create Bluestacks SD Card
Here in this article, we’ll help you create Bluestacks SD Card and try to solve some common Bluestacks storage problems faced by users.
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