5 iPhone text message tips and tricks to become a text expert
5 iPhone text message tips and tricks to become a text expert

Messaging is one of the instantaneous ways to communicate, yet there are some useful texting tips and tricks for iPhone that make the process even quicker and more convenient. From setting your own keyword shortcuts to instantly inserting words with symbols, here are 5 hidden iPhone text message tips and tricks that can turn you into a text expert. Read our 5 texting tips for iPhone to know how to make the most of your SMS, MMS and iMessage conversations.

5 hidden iPhone text message tips and tricks

1. Reply like a ninja

With a pre-loaded response, you can reply to your messages in a matter of seconds. Just tap and hold the received message you want to reply. You’ll immediately see the option to react with thumbs down, thumbs up, heart, exclamation marks, question marks, ‘haha’ laugh, etc.


Simply select the one you like to send as a response to your peer. So, next time if you get a ‘ding’ on your iPhone and you’re rushing around, don’t forget to use pre-loaded response trick among our iPhone text message tips and tricks.

2. Personalize messages to incoming callers

If you neither want to ignore an incoming call nor want to interrupt the call you’re on, then this one among our iPhone SMS tips and tricks will help you. There’s a more tactful manner than cutting off a new incoming caller. iPhone provides you an awesome option to send a short message explaining why you’re not answering.


Apple has pre-loaded three short messages into your iMessage app. You can personalize them to better suit you. Head to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text. Here, you can overtype the default messages. From now, when someone calls and you’re unable to answer, simply tap on the Message icon towards the bottom right to view three short messages you can response with.

3. Create keyboard shortcuts

This is one of the iMessage hidden tips that lots of people tend to forget about. You can assign some useful and memorable hotkeys to phrases you might type often.


To create your own keyboard shortcuts, go to Settings > General > Keyboards. Next, hit the Text Replacement option and then tap on the plus (+) symbol placed in the top-right corner. This one among our iPhone texting tricks will cut down on your time while sending long messages.

4. Shake your iPhone to undo typing


In iMessage app, there is a fun trick to undo text you’ve just typed. You can delete your misspelled typing with a big flick of the wrist. Simply shake your iPhone and select Undo option to remove the typed text. This is one of the best iPhone text message tips and tricks to easily undo your typed message.

5. Have fun with your photo messages

iOS 10 utilizes Apple’s ‘Markup’ functionality to put a fun into messages. With this feature, you can quickly highlight something and add an annotation to your photo. Then you can send it via MMS or iMessage.


To mark up your images, go into your Messages app and access your camera roll by hitting the Camera icon. Rather than tapping on a photo, press and hold it. Your photo will prompt with options to Edit or Markup at the bottom of the screen. Using this last tip among iPhone text message tips and tricks, you can draw on your photo, add text, and even magnify some particular areas in your photo.

So, these were the 5 hidden iPhone text message tips and tricks to make you more familiar with your iPhone. Try on one or all iPhone texting tips to become a leaner and meaner text expert.

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5 iPhone text message tips and tricks to become a text expert
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5 iPhone text message tips and tricks to become a text expert
We've come up with 5 hidden iPhone text message tips and tricks that turn you into a text expert. Let's get started.
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