Twitter tweaks search results
Twitter tweaks search results to show better tweets

Twitter tweaks search results in order to offer its users a better experience on social media. From now on, you’ll no longer see the latest Tweets first in your searches. Instead, the tweets will be shown based on their quality and relevance.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the change was made in September. Since then, the feature was in testing mode before the company finally decided to announce it to public yesterday.

Twitter tweaks search results as an effort to improve user experience on its social networking platform. The tech giant had recently conducted a survey where it was shown that users interact more with the service this way. So, the company decided to ditch its traditional reverse chronological search and opt for relevance order instead.

Twitter Senior Software Engineer Lisa Huang in a blog post wrote,

“The change was made because it was the necessity. The most recent searches aren’t what people are looking for. They want to see the tweets they find interesting,”

“You better understand a topic from popular or most relevant tweets rather than looking for the most recent ones,” Lisa further continued.

You can still check the most recent live tweets. You just need to select the latest filter in the search results. However, not necessary all the latest tweets will display useful information. You may also see some irrelevant tweets that have nothing to do with your search as it’s not so simple to classify tweets based on their relevance.

Twitter is using machine learning to order your tweets. They will be arranged based on your behavior on the network like retweets, likes, and replies. However, the issue is that a person’s response to a tweet may differ from situation to situation. You can’t judge him on the basis of how he responds to a particular tweet. They are so many things you’ll need to keep in mind. So it will never be easy for the social media service to deploy the process.

Still, we are interested to see how users respond to the way Twitter tweaks search results. So, what are your views on Twitter’s bold decision? Please let us know in comments.

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Twitter tweaks search results to show better tweets
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Twitter tweaks search results to show better tweets
In order to offer a better experience on the social media, Twitter tweaks search results to show better tweets. It will help you find relevant tweets easily
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