Apple Touchbar tips and tricks
7 TouchBar tips and tricks for new MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook Pro is in news these days, all thanks to its latest TouchBar feature. People are eager to know how the new feature works and what it is capable of? That’s why we’ve come with this post where we’ll discuss various TouchBar tips and tricks so that you can get more familiar with your new Mac’s TouchBar. Let’s get started:

Best TouchBar tips and tricks

Quickly switch between Apps

There was a time when you used to spend hours looking for apps on the dock. You no longer need to do that, especially after the release of new TouchBar and the apps like TouchSwitcher and Rocket.

TouchSwitcher lets you easily switch between the apps open on your MacBook. On the other hand, Rocket lets you launch other apps from the MacBook Pro’s dock apart from the ones that are already open. Also, since Rocket is a standalone menu-bar app, you can use it anywhere, anytime on your Mac.

Play the evergreen classic game Doom

You heard it right! You can play the Doom on the new Touch Bar. It’s all the courtesy of Facebook iOS engineer Adam Bell who brought the smash-hit classic game on the new platform.  Now you can have quality time playing the squished little version of the game on the Touch Bar.

The game will only display the player health, ammo, weapons and other stats on the Touchbar, while the gameplay will appear on the laptop’s main screen. Obviously, it’s not an ideal setup. Still, it works.

Now don’t make faces. Gear up and shoot ‘em all.

Turn your Touch bar into piano

Do you love to play piano? Then why don’t you play it on your Mac’s TouchBar! Not some magic trick or miracle will do it, instead, there’s an app called Touch Bar Piano that transforms Apple Touchbar into a full-fledged piano. Now you can have a little break from regular typing sessions and enjoy some recreation time.

Touch Bar Piano has over 128 different instruments like drums, strings, music boxes or even choir “aahs” that help you unleash the musician inside you and master the incredible art of music.

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Bring your old days back to life with Pac-Man PacBar

The 1980s favorite arcade game is available to play on your Mac Pro TouchBar. You can download the game for free from GitHub and experience the unforgettable joy this amazing retro-classic will bring in your life.

Let Santa grace your TouchBar this Christmas

There is an app called TouchBar Santa that displays jolly old Santa Claus moving across your laptop screen in his red suit. What can be more exciting than this? So, just Download the app and let Santa rock your Christmas in its own style.

Transform your TouchBar into a stage for cute little lemmings

Just imagine a situation: some cute little green-haired lemmings are walking across your MacBook’s TouchBar screen with some 1990s Lemmings music playing in the background. Seems like a perfect fairytale, right? Well, it has become a reality now, all thanks to a brilliant effort by iOS engineer and app designer, Eric Olsson who combined 90s simplicity and modern day technology to create a wonderful app. You’ll definitely love it.

Have some quality time playing TouchBarDino

TouchBar Dino is the same game that appears on chrome browser when the Internet is not working and where you need to guide a little Dino safely by tapping on the screen to avoid cacti.

Well, the good news is that now you can enjoy this game on TouchBar. This means too much fun. There can’t be better time pass. Just remember one thing! The game is so addictive that you may forget everything else while playing it, let it be an important call, meeting with someone, eating food or taking a few hours nap. So, take care.

That’s all we have in our list of the best TouchBar tips and tricks for beginners. We’ll come with more such updates in our next post.

For more Touchbar tips and tricks, stay tuned with us!

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7 TouchBar tips and tricks for new MacBook Pro
Here we present best TouchBar tips and tricks for new MacBook Pro so that you can get more familiar with your Mac's new TouchBar feature.
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