Christmas tech gifts for kids

Christmas is coming near and you must be worried about what should you gift to your kids. No matter there are plenty of gift options online. Still, you need to be extra careful while selecting gifts for your little ones. You’ll surely not want to disappoint them on the auspicious occasion. That’s the reason, after a lot of research we’ve brought a list of the best Christmas tech gifts for kids. Here in this post, we’ll discuss them one by one. Let’s get started:

Best Christmas tech gifts for kids


Do you want to make this Christmas special by giving your kids a pleasant surprise? In that case, there is no better option than Hatchimals. These exciting magical creatures live inside eggs, hatch themselves and grow as you play with them. You can teach them to walk and dance, play games with them and much more. They even repeat things you say before them.

In simple words, they will make the most ultimate companion of your kids. Your kids will love them to the core.

Nerf Mastodon

Ever since ages, Nerf guns are considered to be the best Christmas gifts and an ideal way to settle year-long sibling rivalries. Even today many kids prefer this badass toy over smart gadgets.

Here we present Nerf Mastodon, the biggest and the worst Nerf gun ever. It can totally blast away your opponents. Also, it has the 24-rotating drum which means you don’t even have to worry about reloading it. All you have to worry about is to demolish your opponents and rule the battlefield.

Furby Connect

Do you remember Furby? The toy was every kid’s favorite in the 1990s and now it’s back in a whole new avatar. It supports over 150 expressions and responds to your actions like petting, tickling, shaking the toy, turning it upside down or moving its antenna like a joystick. You can even put Furby to sleep by putting on the included sleep mask. Similarly, removing the mask will wake it up. Oh! Interacting with the toy is so much fun. Your kids will definitely love it.

You can operate the gadget with Furby Connect World app that’s available for both phones and tablets.

Sphero BB-8

You must have seen the toy before. It was smash-hit last year. Now this cute little robot is back to rock your Christmas once again.

BB-8 is a droid robot that mimics your movements. The droid can travel in any direction, make funny sounds and record holographic messages. You can operate it from both iPhone and Android. It’s an ideal gift for your kid if he’s a dedicated Star Wars fan.

Meccano Maccanoid G15 Personal Robot

What can be more exciting than assembling your own robot that can mimic your actions and respond to your commands? Well, this wonderful gadget by the name Meccano Maccanoid G15 Personal Robot offers you this golden opportunity. You can create your dream robot from scratch, manipulate it to perform different tasks, teach it to perform various actions and much more. You can even control the gadget from an Android or iOS app.

Meccano Maccanoid is an ideal choice if your kids loves to create and invent new things.

LeapFrog Leaping Letters

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that can make your kids a little educated and unleash the creative side in them, there is no better option than LeapFrog Leaping Letters. This exciting alphabet game that requires your kid to put all the letters in correct spots before the time runs out. This way they can identify alphabets much better.

The gadget also comes with several customization options. You can set the timer according to your kid’s age, select between different colors or advance further with word building.

That’s all we have in the list of best Christmas tech gifts for kids. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Best Christmas tech gifts for kids you can buy
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Best Christmas tech gifts for kids you can buy
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