Super Mario Run for iOS

Super Mario fans get ready for a surprise! Your favorite game character Mario has finally arrived on mobile. Yes, you got it right. Nintendo has just launched Super Mario Run for iOS.

The game was announced on September 7 at Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event. Ever since then, it is the hottest topic of discussion everywhere. There were countless rumors and reports on the web surrounding the mobile version of the game. People were eager to know what the new Mario game will look like.

The new Super Mario game comes with an interesting challenge. Bowser has destroyed the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnapped Princess Peach. Now you’ve to help Mario protect the Princess and rebuild the kingdom.

The gameplay of Super Mario Run for iOS is quite different from the traditional game. Here you don’t need to control the character’s forward movement. It automatically keeps on moving while you jump to dodge obstacles. Everything depends on your timing. So make smooth jumps, avoid obstacles, collect coins, and reach the goal in time.

There are three modes in the game: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom builder. Let’s discuss them in brief:

World Tour

In the World Tour Mode, you run across six different locations to reach Princess Peach and protect her from Bowser. Here you run, jump and dodge obstacles till you reach your goal. During the mode, you’ll be traveling through different locations like plains, castles, airships, caverns, haunted houses and much more, something that’ll keep the excitement alive throughout the whole game.

Toad Rally

In Toad Rally, you compete against other people around the world. Here’s the chance to show off Mario’s stylish moves and collect unlimited coins. In case your moves are impressive enough, Toads may even come live to your kingdom.

There’s also a challenge mode where you can compete against the players of different levels.

Kingdom Build

Last but not the least, the Kingdom builder mode lets you build your kingdom with the help of Toads collected in Toad Rally. Here you can create huge buildings, decorate them, manage your kingdom the way you want to, expand it and make it bigger and better.

All the modes seem impressive. You’ll definitely love to play them.

Well, the sad part is that you require an active Internet connection to play the game. Disconnecting your device will immediately stop you from playing further. Not a big issue if have an active Wi-Fi connection. Still, you may face a problem if you’ve limited mobile data. According to the company, the requirement was set to stop piracy.

For those who don’t know, the previous mobile game from Nintendo – Pokémon Go was an instant hit (Nintendo has a one-third partnership in The Pokémon company that owns Pokémon Go). Now, the company is also expecting the same response from Super Mario Run. So it will be quite interesting to see how the game is received by the audience.

You can download Super Mario Run for free on the iTunes App Store. However, you’ve to pay $9.99 for the complete version.

What do you think of Nintendo’s launch of Super Mario Run for iOS? Please let us know in comments.

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Nintendo launches Super Mario Run for iOS
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Nintendo launches Super Mario Run for iOS
Legendary gaming character Super Mario is finally coming on mobile. Nintendo has just launched Super Mario Run for iOS. The game available for download on the App Store.
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