send GIF on WhatsApp
How to send GIF on WhatsApp

To outrun its rival messaging giants like Facebook Messenger and iMessage, WhatsApp has introduced a much awaited GIF feature for its iPhone users. Now, apart from videos and images, you can easily send GIF on WhatsApp just by updating it.

With the help of the new WhatsApp feature, you can share your overblown reaction GIFs with your near and dear ones. Excited to know about this amazing feature? If yes, not to fret, as we have provided a handy guide on how to send GIF on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone. Let’s take a quick ride:

Send GIF on WhatsApp

For Android

  • Open WhatsApp and select the friend or chat group you want to send a GIF message
  • Tap on the attachment icon appearing at the top of the conversation window. Once you tapped this icon, you will immediately be provided with a drop-down menu from where you can select the Gallery option


  • Choose the desired video to send as a GIF message. The selected media file will then convert into GIF for sharing on WhatsApp
  • Tap on the Video button resting at the top-right corner. Just by tapping it, you will notice that it has been changed to GIF icon


  • Of course, sending a sizable video on WhatsApp doesn’t make a sense. However, to beat this perception, WhatsApp gives you the ability to select a particular part of the video you want to send as a GIF. You can do this by selecting the specific part of the video from the bar provided at the bottom
  • Finally, add a caption you desire and tap on the Send button to send GIF on WhatsApp for Android

Note: In case you want to send a GIF file which is already in your Android device, then you will have to convert it into video. Once done, use the built-in GIF feature of WhatsApp as explained above.

For iPhone

  • Open the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone and select the desired conversation
  • Now navigate to the bottom-left corner and tap on ‘+’ sign. Select Photo & Video Library from the given options


  • Now, you have two ways to send GIF on WhatsApp for iOS. If you want to send a GIF from GIPHY, then tap on GIF button in the bottom-left corner. But if you’ve got a video of 6 seconds or less in your gallery then you can send it as a GIF by merely selecting it


  • In case you choose a video from your Camera library, just select the GIF tab for sending video as a GIF. This option won’t be available for videos longer than 6 seconds
  • Now, just tap on the forward arrow symbol placed at the bottom right


You can even send your favorite video as a GIF to your WhatsApp friends directly from the Gallery. Just select the video you wish to send and tap on the Share button. Lastly, choose WhatsApp and toggle the GIF icon before sending it.

That wraps up our guide on how to send GIF on WhatsApp. If there is something that we’ve missed, feel free to tell us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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How to send GIF on WhatsApp
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How to send GIF on WhatsApp
Learn how to send GIF on WhatsApp. In this tutorial we have given step-to-step guide on how to send GIF on WhatsApp for Android and iOS.
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