5 secret iPhone codes to unlock hidden features
5 secret iPhone codes to unlock hidden features

If you think you know everything about your iPhone. Then think again, as most people don’t realize the full power of their iPhone. Beyond the popular stuff like camera shortcuts and battery-saving tricks, there are a number of secret iPhone codes to unlock a raft of hidden features.

Although these secret iPhone codes aren’t going to bring significant change to how you use your iOS device, these will definitely improve your iPhone experience. So, what exactly can these secret iPhone codes do for you? Read below to know about them in detail.

Use these secret iPhone codes to:

1. Find out your iPhone’s exact signal strength


Those tiny curved lines might not indicate exact signal strength on your iPhone. If you’re tired of moving to your first floor to enjoy HD streams, there’s a simple way to do that. Just by converting those little signal lines to precise numerical reading, you can know about your exact signal quality.

For this, you’ll need to enter the first among our secret iPhone codes *3001#12345#* into your phone’s dialer and tap the call button. This code will bring iPhone’s Field Mode for you which is usually restricted to developers. Once done, press hold your phone’s power button until you see a “slide to power off” option. Now again press hold your iPhone’s home button until your home screen makes a reappearance, and your signal is now displayed in numbers.

2. Find out your iPhone’s IMEI number


You must have been asked for your iPhone’s IMEI number when changing network, getting it repaired, or reporting it stolen. From now on, there’ll be no need to scroll through every corner of your phone’s settings to find your iPhone’s IMEI number. There’s an easier way to find it using secret iPhone codes.

Again open your phone’s dialer and enter *#06# to quickly bring your iPhone’s IMEI number to the front. You won’t have to do anything after that, it will disappear on its own.

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3. Quickly turn on call waiting


If you are popular and get too many calls on your iPhone, you can still get hold of your family and friends even if you’re on an important call. To do this you’ll need to activate Call Waiting on your iPhone using another of the secret iPhone codes.

Simply entering *43# and pressing call will activate Call Waiting on your iPhone. This will notify you that another call is coming while you take the first. You can anytime disable Call Waiting by dialing *43# again.

4. Hide your phone number from snoopers


Truecaller is a great app unless it ruins your ability to make prank calls. If you want to have a bit of anonymity and avoid showing your number to someone you know can be annoying. There’s a workaround for you.

Entering *#31# lets you hide your number for all outgoing calls. If you want to be more selective, simply enter #31# directly before the desired number and your iPhone will hide your number for that call only.

5. Avoid unwanted calls


Sometimes you have an important work at home when a friend of yours calls you and you don’t want to answer the phone call. Getting out of this situation is really difficult. Fret not! You can deal with this problem using this last among the secret iPhone codes.

All you need to do is dial *#21# to activate Call Forwarding on your iPhone. This will push all incoming calls directly to your voicemail without having to decline the call. This is great when you want some rest or when you’re burned with work. Just remember to disable Call Forwarding by using the same process, to receive calls again.

We hope you’ll find these secret iPhone codes helpful for you. However, be careful to use them as they can mess with your iPhone’s internal settings. If you have any important iPhone secret codes, you can share them with us in the comments below.

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5 secret iPhone codes to unlock hidden features
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5 secret iPhone codes to unlock hidden features
Beyond the popular stuff like camera shortcuts and battery-saving tricks, there are a number of secret iPhone codes to unlock a raft of hidden features.
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