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Complete guide to using Snapchat Groups feature

After years of wait and request from users, Snap Inc. has finally introduced a new group chat feature, something that was missing from the notable messaging app. The new feature dubbed SnapChat groups lets you chat with multiple friends at the same time. You can use it to share photos and videos, send funny messages, recreate old memories and much more.

Here in this complete guide to using Snapchat Groups, we’ll discuss the new feature in detail. Let’s get started:

Everything you need to know about using Snapchat Groups

How to create a Snapchat Group?

It’s quite easy to create a Snapchat Group. You just need to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Go to Chat

Step 2. Tap the button in the upper left to add new members

Step 3. Assign a name to your group

How to add members in a group?

Once you’ve created your Snapchat group, the next step is to add group members. Any member of the existing group can add new people. Here’s how to do so:

Step 1. Tap the menu icon within a group chat

Step 2. Tap Add to Group option

Step 3. Select the person you want to add in the group

Maximum members in a Group

There can be maximum 16 members in a Snapchat group at a time. If you’re willing to add more contacts, you’ve to remove someone first.

How long do messages in a Snapchat Group last?

The messages in a Snapchat Group last for 24 hours. After this, they will automatically disappear.

How to save messages in a Group?

In case you don’t want your messages to disappear forever, you can choose to save them. To save messages in a group:

Step 1. Press and hold a message

Step 2. Tap save

This will save your group messages and you can access them anytime later.

How to send private messages to a Group?

Snapchat offers you the functionality to send private messages in a group. All you need is to:

Step 1. Tap the group member you want to send a private message

Step 2. Type your message and tap send button

Just take care to whom you’re sending your message. Otherwise, you may end up getting embarrassed in front of everyone.

What kind of messages can you send in a group?

You can send all kinds of messages in a Snapchat group ranging from text, images, emoji, Bitmoji, GIFs, voice notes and audio messages.

How to rename a Group?

Well if you don’t like the name of your group, you can choose to rename it. You just need to:

Step 1. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left

Step 2. Tap Edit Group Name

Step 3. Enter a name you find more interesting and tap Save

Here is another interesting thing I want to share. Any member of the group can rename it. Well, this is going to be a major issue as you’ll see your group’s name changing many times. Still, that’s how the things work here.

What happens when you leave a Snapchat Group?

Your world will go upside down, a court case will be filed against you for betraying your friends and you’ll be sentenced to jail. Just kidding! No one is going to sue you for leaving your Snapchat group.

On a serious note, all your messages will be cleared from the group and other group members will be notified that you’ve left. Isn’t it so easy using Snapchat Groups!

What happens if someone adds you back?

Congratulations! You’re back in the club. However, you’ll have to start all over again. No previous messages in the group will be visible to you anymore.

That’s all we have in our complete guide to using Snapchat Groups. Now, it’s time for some practical. So grab a device running the latest version of Snapchat and get more familiar with the feature. Enjoy!

You can read more about the Snapchat Groups feature at Snapchat Groups will let you chat with 16 friends at once

Complete guide to using Snapchat Groups feature
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Complete guide to using Snapchat Groups feature
Here in this post, we'll guide you to using Snapchat Groups, the new Snapchat feature that lets you share photos and send messages in a group.
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