best fitness apps of 2016
Quick roundup of the best fitness apps of 2016

There are many people out there who dream of getting fit, staying in shape and having a well-maintained physique. However, only a few can accomplish this goal, given the lack of daily exercise and unhealthy diet routine we have. In such case, having a reliable fitness app installed on your phone can prove much helpful. Still, there are many fitness apps in the market. So how would you identify the best fitness apps of 2016 to give your physique some value? Fret not, read the post to know more.

Best fitness apps of 2016

Calorie Counter – MyFitness Pal

Daily exercise is a must. Yet, a healthy and balanced diet has its own significance.  This wonderful app by the name Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal ensures that you’re having a proper food intake along with smooth workout routine. Using the tool, you calculate the amount of calorie you’re consuming in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner and maintain an accurate diet plan accordingly.

Calorie Counter – MyFitness pal has a database of over 4mn foods. Apart from this, you can also integrate the app with other device and fitness utilities like Fitbit, MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Strava etc.


Believe it or not, walking is the best way to stay fit. A daily walk can burn much more calories than working your sweat off in the gym. Pedometer works on the same principle. The utility records the number of steps you had and displays them on your smartphone’s screen along with details like the distance you had covered, a number of calories you burned, walking time and speed per hour.

To make it easier to track your progress, the app also showcases a graph where you can compare your daily walk routine.


If you’re a fitness freak and want to keep track of your daily routine, RunKeeper is the perfect option. The app uses your iPhone’s GPS to keep track of your daily exercise routine. You can also share your activities with friends.

Fab Fit

Fab Fit is your perfect guide to get a well-maintained physique. This wonderful app features 12 different exercises suitable for the people of all fitness levels. From basic warm up exercises to pushups and rotations, you’ll find everything in the program.

Since all the exercises are featured with animated graphics, you’ll have no issue learning them. You can also explore more about each exercise on YouTube.

Apart from this, Fab Fit features a built-in calendar that keeps track of your workout days. You can also notify your friends about your progress.


Sworkit is an efficient app, specially designed for those who want to stay in shape. It uses a combination of aerobic, resistance, strength, and flexibility workouts to create routines to achieve fitness goals.

Sworkit has been scientifically proven to work. The app is widely appreciated by users all over the world who found it highly impressive.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga is being practiced for centuries as a way to stay fit and is still followed by many people around the world. People are willing to pay a heavy fee for their yoga sessions. However, there is now no need for all this. Pocket Yoga is an efficient app that brings this incredible art on your phone. Now, you can do Yoga at home. All you need is to place your device in front of you and let the utility guide you throughout the entire session.

The app lets you choose from over 27 sessions of different difficulty. There’s also an option to keep track of your all sessions and keep a sharp check on your progress.

Google Fit

The last contender in the list is Google’s own fitness app Google Fit. This amazing fitness tool lets you effortlessly track your daily activities and offers real-time stats regarding them. Here you can set fitness goals and work hard to accomplish them. There is also an option to extract details other apps to measure health stats like nutrition, weight, fitness, and sleep.

You can use the app from any platform like your phone, tablet, the web or even your Android Wear watch.

That’s all we have on the list of best fitness apps of 2016. We’ll come with more such lists in our next post. Till then, try any of the above-mentioned apps and enjoy a healthy life.

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Quick roundup of the best fitness apps of 2016
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Quick roundup of the best fitness apps of 2016
Here in this post, we'll discuss the best fitness apps of 2016. These apps with help you remain fit and lead a healthy and balanced life.
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