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Over the past decade, Facebook Messenger has completely transformed the way we interact with people around us. Now it’s not just a simple chat app which we use for chatting with our friends and peers but much more than that. You can use it for several purposes like playing games, making voice calls, and sending or receiving money. Yes, you heard it right! You can also make payments using Facebook Messenger.

It may sound complicated to you, but it isn’t that difficult. Here in this post, we’ll guide you on how to make payments using Facebook Messenger. Let’s get started:

Step-by-step guide to make payments using Facebook Messenger

How much Facebook charges you for making payments using the Messenger?

Facebook doesn’t charge anything when you make payments using the messenger. The feature is free for everyone who is eligible to use it.

What payment options can be used?

You can make payments using a Visa or debit card issued by any United States bank.

Following payment methods aren’t supported:

  • Prepaid cards like Google Wallet
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Reloadable prepaid cards
  • Government-issued bank cards for health, social security, disability, unemployment, or other benefits


To start making payments using Facebook Messenger, you must fulfill following specifications:

  • You’re a resident of United States
  • You’re at least 18 years old
  • You’ve connected a Visa or Master debit card issued by a US Bank to your Facebook account
  • You’ve set your preferred current to US dollars
  • You’re not banned from sending or receiving money on Facebook

How to make payments using Facebook Messenger

The process of making payments using Facebook Messenger is extremely easy. You just need to follow a series of simple steps mentioned below. Let’s have a look at how to:

Send Money using Facebook Messenger

  • First of all open a conversation with the person whom you want to send the money
  • Click the sign
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Now, click Next to add your debit card
  • Click Pay to make payment

Receive money using Facebook Messenger

To receive the money sent by your friend:

  • Open the conversation that contains the money
  • Click Add Card
  • Add your debit card to receive payment

This will transfer the money sent by your friend to your account immediately. However, it may take up to 3 business days before you can actually deposit the money.

Important tip

Before you proceed with making payments using the Messenger, ensure that it is up-to-date. Also, if you can locate the sign, tapoption to find it.

How to request money from a friend in a message

You can also request money from a friend if you’re in urgent need. Here’s how to do so:

  • Open conversation with the friend you want to request money from
  • Now, Click option
  • Click Request at the top of the tab
  • Enter the amount of the money you want to receive
  • Click Request option

To return the money back to your friend:

  • Open conversation with the friend who lent you the money
  • Click Pay option below the dollar amount in the message

How to make payments in a group conversation?

You can make payments in a group chat. However, you can only pay one friend at a time.

Here’s how to send or receive money in a group conversation:

  • Initiate group conversation
  • Click sign and select the friend whom you want to send the money
  • Now, enter the amount of money you want to send
  • Click Pay option


Everyone in the group can see the amount of money you’ve sent or received.

That’s all we have in our complete guide to make payments using Facebook Messenger. Now, it’s time to use the feature yourself and get more familiar with it. Enjoy!

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How to make payments using Facebook Messenger
Here in this post, we'll guide you on how to make payments using Facebook Messenger so that you can send or receive money directly from Facebook.
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