Mafia 3 rivals tips and tricks
Mafia 3 rivals tips and tricks

Mafia 3 rivals, the turn-based RPG developed by Cat Daddy Games has emerged as a fan favorite. It has become an instant hit on both the Play Store and the App Store. People are constantly searching for handy tips and tricks they can use to master the game.

Well, if you’re one of them then your search ends here. Don’t look any further. We’ve come up with a list of best Mafia 3 rivals tips and tricks that’ll help you rule the streets and emerge as the winner. Let’s get started:

Mafia 3 rivals tips and tricks for beginners

Tip 1. Equip your characters according to their class

The basic key to winning the street brawl is to assemble the characters as per their class. Remember! Mafia 3 is all about strategy. Each gang member has unique skills. Now you’ve to ensure that their abilities are being utilized properly.

There are four types of members in the game:

Spades: These are the guys who initiate a fight. These are the most repulsive members of your gang who attack first. You always need to equip them with some kind of weapon.

Hearts: They have the ability to heal every member of the gang including themselves. You always require them in the gang to protect yourself.

Diamonds: They are universal characters that can be used for purposes like damage or support

Clubs: They heavily depend on their skills. You need to upgrade them constantly.

If assembled properly, your gang can be the most dangerous and you can easily rule the streets.

Rest! The choice is all yours. Either you can go aggressive by including all the spades or you can utilize strategy by including at least one healer.

Tip 2. Make the most out of each mission

For every mission you accomplish, you collect certain items which you can use to win more battles. Still, there are chances that you may not get the best ones in your first chance as they are very rare. Here’s the fix: Go back and repeat the missions.

More you’ll repeat the mission; more are the chances to unlock hidden items. So, take your time and replay the missions as long as you can.

Tip 3. Focus on the weakest Rival Gang member

There’s a strategy to win the battle: Identify your enemy’s weakness and attack it. This will make him weaker and more easily you can defeat him.

The same concept implies here. While fighting against rival gang focus on weakest gang members and take them down one-by-one.

Doing so is very easy! Tap on them one by one to analyze which character is the weakest. Now, look at portrait pics of your crewmates at the bottom of the screen. If more than one crewmember is stronger than the enemy, finish them off one by one.

Tip 4. Defend your characters as long as you can

If you really want to win the battle and rule the streets, make sure to defend all your gang members. Remember! weapons are not as important as the life of your crew members. So while you’re equipping the hearts characters, make sure that you’ve all the items that boost your health and defense mechanics. They’ll play a significant role in every battle.

Tip 5. Purchase items and bribe cops

After accomplishing each mission, you’re rewarded with in-game money and various other items. You can use these items to make new purchases and upgrade characters.

Apart from this, the cops will be after you while you make progress. So, make sure you’re bribing them enough. This way you can progress smoothly throughout the game.

Tip 6. Characters can lend their abilities to other members in crew

There are several characters in the game that can grant their ability to others for certain period of time. They can prove much helpful in the battle. So, it’s always recommended to include, at least, one such character while assembling the gang.

Tip 7. Experiment with different team compositions

Unlocked various characters! Well, now you can start experimenting with them. You can try different team compositions. You can either create an aggressive team full of spades or include healers in it. You can also assemble a team with characters that lend their abilities to other members, something which can prove handy in battle.

Our list of Mafia 3 rival tips and tricks ends here. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Mafia 3 rivals tips and tricks: hints and strategies to rule the streets
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Mafia 3 rivals tips and tricks: hints and strategies to rule the streets
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