How to securely hide files and apps on Android
How to securely hide files and apps on Android

Everyone wants to keep some of their things really secret. Maybe you have some important docs that contain personal information, images that you don’t want to share with anyone or perhaps you’ve got some apps that aren’t much suitable for your younger siblings. Whatever be the reason, there are a plenty of ways through which you can securely hide files and apps on Android. You can even hide your images with the help of our below-mentioned steps.

We are going to cover them all here and also discuss the benefits and risks of each. Let’s begin.

Hide files and apps on Android

How to hide files on Android


Most Android devices don’t come with the ability to hide files, so the only option left is to download a third-party app. File Hide Expert is a powerful app to hide files and apps on Android. It’s available for free on Google Play Store and lets you hide and unhide files on your Android phone with ease.

Once you open the app, you’ll see a message indicating that the hidden file is empty. Hit the folder icon in the top-right corner of the screen to start hiding your sensitive files. The app works similar to other file management apps, and you can hide any file regardless of its type.

Obviously, this is not enough to keep your content safe, as anyone can open up the File Hide Expert and get access to all of your files. To completely secure your files, you should use File Hide Expert’s password protection. Tap the Menu icon> Settings. From here you can enable password protection by providing a password to use. Make sure to remember your password, as you’ll need it every time you access your hidden files.

How to hide photos on Android


Although File Hide Expert is able to hide files and apps on Android, it’s not the most efficient for hiding your photos. If you’re the one who likes to flip through pics every now and then, you can have a better experience with KeepSafe. KeepSafe basically creates a digital vault on your device, which you can use to store photos that you don’t want to show up anywhere else. You can even create a PIN to access your hidden photos.

Setting it up is an easy task. All you need to do is download the app from the Play Store. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be asked to provide a PIN for accessing the app. Now, you can toss any photos to KeepSafe by tapping the ‘add picture’ icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Alternatively, you can add photos to the vault from your phone’s built-in gallery. Just open the desired picture and share it to KeepSafe. This will remove the photo from your phone’s gallery and move it to your private collection.

How to hide apps on Android


Are you tired of those apps that come preloaded on your Android device and which you can’t remove without rooting? Is your Android device getting cluttered with unnecessary apps, making it a difficult task for you to get to the ones you want?

Most Samsung smartphones have the ability to hide apps without needing to install a third-party app. If your launcher doesn’t have this functionality, give NovaLauncher a try. It’s an excellent launcher that enables you to hide apps with ease.

Launch NovaLauncher on your device and then navigate to Nova Settings > App & widget drawer > Hide Apps. Once the whole process accomplished, select the apps you want to hide, and they won’t be visible on your device’s app tray anymore. In case you want to use an app, just return to the same menu and uncheck the desired app to reveal it.

There’s a crazy list of ways to hide photos or hide files and apps on Android. This handy tutorial will prevent photos from showing up in galleries, important documents from showing up in editing apps, and apps from showing up in the apps tray. If you prefer to use any other method to hide files and apps on Android, shoot your idea in the comments section below!

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How to securely hide files and apps on Android
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How to securely hide files and apps on Android
There’s a crazy list of ways to hide files and apps on Android. We will cover them all here and discuss the benefits and risks of each.
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