Intel Cloud Computing Solutions
Introduction to Intel Cloud Computing Solutions

The cloud technology has developed over time, opening the doors of new opportunities and possibilities for better and more flexible, public, private, and hybrid models. While the former cloud techs received years of acclamation and response from big companies, organizations these days see hybrid cloud model as the ideal solution. Hybrid cloud models offer an enhanced way to enjoy the ease of cloud computing along with other complementary advantages of private and public clouds. In the world of cloud and businesses, Intel Cloud Computing has made an unmatchable place.

Intel Cloud Computing

Not all clouds are same. And when we talk about cloud computing, then nothing seems of more sense than Intel. Intel Cloud Technology is a collection of technologies inbuilt in its latest Xeon processors. The new tech delivers high performance and full protection one needs through features that change the way how your cloud interacts, works and protects your data.

You can choose from an array of services offered and developed by cloud service providers (CSPs) with the help of The Powered by Intel Cloud Technology program. These service providers’ cloud services are optimized for Intel processors. As a result of such collaboration, you get an agile, scalable, flexible cloud that you can rely upon. It additionally offers power and room to make your data-intensive workloads manageable.

There are certain cloud technologies powered by Intel that helps power and safeguard your business. Some of the main benefits of Intel cloud computing technology can be summed up as:

intel cloud computing advantages

The Powered by Intel Cloud Technology program simplifies it for interested businesses find reliable CSPs who implement original Intel processors and render genuine, world-class performance and quality.

Here are some Intel Cloud Computing initiatives

Find trusted CSPs

This is where Intel Cloud Computing has an edge over the rest. You can make your cloud provider search productive using the Intel Cloud Finder (Intel CF). The tool serves as a bridge connecting service providers across the globe and businesses interested in these services.

Set up Private Cloud Infrastructure

You can start building your private cloud by exploring Intel Cloud Builders. Use it for reference architectures which may help you redistribute a powerful, secure, and effective cloud environment.

The future of cloud computing

Intel is contributing its efforts in making the future of cloud computing by accelerating the growth of open, interoperable cloud services. This can be achieved only through collaborations with established names in the industry like ODCA (Open Data Center Alliance).

Now that we know most about cloud computing technology by Intel, it’s time we talk about the ways it works. As discussed in the introduction, Intel serves three cloud solutions – Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud models. Businesses choose the type according to their requirement. While Hybrid is the buzz in the world of cloud computing, many big business groups still rely on other two solutions. All three have benefits of their own. Let’s have a brief look at what these three offer.

Intel Cloud Delivery Models:

intel cloud delivery models

Private Cloud Solutions: Intel Technologies powered private cloud services offers responsiveness, flexible scaling, and redistributes applications with high level of speed and security.

Public Cloud Solutions: Public cloud solutions powered by Intel lets you redefine the way your cloud moves, processes, and secures your data. It is the base of infrastructures of all leading industrial groups.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions: As the name suggests, Hybrid cloud services brings together the plus points of both private and public cloud computing. Such model makes it possible for businesses to expand their services, report priorities, and deploy applications across the organization.

Intel cloud computing solutions have made it possible for ambitious businesses to expand and experiment with their services. The reliable and secure cloud solutions by Intel are of critical use for the majority of businesses today.

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Introduction to Intel Cloud Computing Solutions
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Introduction to Intel Cloud Computing Solutions
Intel cloud computing solutions find a great place in offering businesses worldwide secure, scalable, and powerful cloud service powered by its technology.
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