Intel to launch unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips in 2017
Intel to launch unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips in 2017

Intel is consistently in news for its upcoming launches and rumored leaks. The tech giant is planning to come up with two significant launches sooner than we thought. Yes, Intel is ready to rule the market with its unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips. We all know that Intel has shifted to a new concept dubbed Kaby Lake for its PC chips, yet it still hasn’t ended putting up efforts on the previous generation – Skylake.

According to sources, the company will release unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips inspired from Skylake somewhere in mid 2017.

What’s interesting? Well, the new chips will flaunt much better performance hikes, according to Barry Davis, general manager for accelerated workload at Intel.

David said that the Skylake-based Xeon chips will reach the mainstream servers and could bring considerable upgrades. Though the Xeon chips aren’t as visible as Intel’s PC chips, yet they are popular till date. Many business biggies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google buy thousands of Xeon-chips loaded servers to help power their search, social networking, and AI processes.

Other than these, the chips also find a place in workstations, including Apple’s Mac Pro and HP’s Z840 to offer high-end engineering and VR applications. Intel debuted Skylake-based Xeon chips during an Artificial Intelligence event in San Francisco. The Broadwell-based Xeon chips that shipped in March this year had 22 cores; Skylake-based chips are expected to have much more.

Overall, the new chips will offer much more capabilities and room for performance, security, storage, memory and processing.

Coming to the other upcoming launch, Intel’s unlocked i3 processor has been the talk of the town for some time now.

The new processor received a lot of buzz in past few months. Now following recent price list leak, the specs for Intel’s 7th-gen Core i3 processors have also hit the market ahead of any official announcement.

The company has been working on the new 7th-gen processor for a decent lap of time and now it seems the wait will be soon over. The new core i3-7350K will boast a standard clock speed of up to 4.2 GHz along with two cores and four threads. It might not be better than the quad-core high-end 7th-gen Kaby Lake catalog, but it still comes as a feasible alternative with decent options.

In a way, Intel’s Core i3 will give a boost to the Core i5 for its money. As for price, the core should as per rumors and leaks, cost around $177. This is a bit less than the lowest-end 7th-gen Intel Core i5 (expected retail price $195). Both of these products will land next year.

Also hitting next year is Intel’s deep-learning FPGA. The FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) can be plugged into servers to compete against other chips such as Google’s Tensor Processing Unit for inferencing.

This is to help build better and more effective deep-learning systems. In any way, both, the unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips are targeted at making Intel have a better shot in the field of technology.

You might need to wait a bit more to hear about any official confirmation regarding the launch date of Intel’s unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

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Intel to launch unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips in 2017
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Intel to launch unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips in 2017
Intel is all set to launch its seventh-generation unlocked i3 processor and Skylake-based Xeon chips sometime in 2017. Release date is not yet confirmed.
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