Samsung Galaxy X
Samsung Galaxy X

If you think Samsung Edge display is quite cool, you might be surprised to know that the Korean smartphone maker is working on a foldable display for a long time. Good news is, the company may release its first-ever foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy X, in 2017.

Based on the information that has slowly been leaking out, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone review



A patent application filed by Samsung gives a lot of clue about the smartphone’s design from a number of angles. The patent from Samsung Display was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in September this year.

The drawings include a rectangular-shaped device that resembles a clamshell body similar to traditional foldable smartphones. A camera lens is marked on the top of the closed clamshell, an area that indicates the back side of the unfolded phone. The front camera and speaker are marked on the inside top of the phone.

Moreover, the bottom of the screen seems to have a curved edge, and it’s visible when the device is folded. This may serve the purpose of notification ticker, instead of providing a secondary display on the rear of the smartphone. Samsung already employed similar technology on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Camera and Display


According to rumors, the new Samsung Galaxy X could bring a dual camera and a cutting-edge display. The Korean tech company’s next flagship may sport an AMOLED screen with 4K resolution, along with a dual rear-facing camera module. The camera module will entirely be sourced from Samsung’s own camera division, in contrast to the Galaxy S7, which utilized Sony-made sensors for its several models.

A 4K display may sound tremendous, but high-resolution phone screens can remarkably improve immersion in phone-based VR devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. On the other hand, the dual camera module could significantly improve the photo quality from enhanced zooming to more colorful shots even in low light. With all the new premium smartphones featuring a dual camera, it’s not surprising to see Samsung following the trend.


Samsung is reportedly testing two variants of the Galaxy X, with the major difference being the processor. One will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 processor, while the other encases a Snapdragon 820 or 830. These are some of the latest processors from Qualcomm that feature Quick Charge 3.0, but if the launch is delayed, it’s likely to go for something newer down the road.

Other specs that were leaked include 3GB of RAM, a MicroSD card slot for expandable storage, and a non-removable battery.

Release Date

If rumors are to be believed, Samsung Galaxy X is scheduled to be released in late February next year. The company is expected to launch two new models, with one that folds like a makeup compact. One of the smartphones will sport a 5-inch display when used as a cell phone, but it can be unfolded to reveal an 8-inch screen.

Before being known as the Galaxy X, the folding phone has the codename Project Valley, which was talked about in various reports. Samsung introduced the foldable technology at CES 2013, and it is believed that the company showed its first prototype in a private meeting at CES 2014.

According to certain inside sources, the Galaxy X will initially be available for sale in the U.K., Italy, Germany, France, Poland, South Korea, and Nordic countries.  An exclusive version for the U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse is also available. The U.S. isn’t mentioned in the list, restricting the phone launch in certain regions could be Samsung’s recent strategy.

It looks like 2017 could be a big year for Samsung as the tech giant plans to launch as many as five flagship devices, including a foldable Galaxy X, although, it’s certainly not official.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep updating you about the latest news on Samsung Galaxy X. Till then read about the best unlocked phones of 2016.

Samsung Galaxy X: rumors, release date and specs
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Samsung Galaxy X: rumors, release date and specs
The Korean smartphone giant plans to release its first-ever foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy X in 2017, to revolutionize the smartphone market.
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