spot fake iOS and Android apps
How to spot fake iOS and Android apps in 6 easy steps

Android and iOS are surely great operating systems and they are the ones leading the market, yet the level of popularity and mass use gives birth to misuse of the same. The New York Times and New York Post spotted hundreds of fake shopping apps in Apple’s App Store. Even the Google Play Store isn’t relieved of such counterfeit apps. But how to spot fake iOS and Android apps to avoid any loss of data or money? Well, we are here with this guide to quickly guide you on the matter. Have a look.

Spot fake iOS and Android apps:

While some of such apps will show you bothersome ads, others might just pose more serious and vulnerable consequences. Some apps might even contain malware that could potentially steal your personal information. Scammers and phishers could also gain from unsuspecting customers submitting their credit card information and login details for bank accounts via such bogus apps. Don’t fret; you can spot fake iOS and Android apps using our handy guide. Let’s get started.

  • Check carefully who published the app. Be careful of the names as scammers could use identical names to confuse you. Similar was the case for (real) and Overstock Inc (fake).
  • Check the publish date. A fake app will show a recent publish date while the real ones show “updated on” date. For instance, the fake Overstock app showed publish date on October 26 of this year only.
  • Look for the reviews in Apple’s App store and Google Play Store. A real app will show thousands of reviews (mostly positive) while the fake ones would likely have zero.
  • Check for the spelling mistakes in the main title and description of the app. Most apps in this category come from China. Beware of taking extra care if it seems like English isn’t the developer’s primary language.
  • Be careful of the apps that promise lucrative shopping discounts. Sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If you are doubtful, simply visit a nearby store’s website in your browser and check for an icon that reads “Get our app”. This takes you to the official source on Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the correct app.

So, this was our roundup of steps to spot fake iOS and Android apps that can harm your privacy and credentials. Follow the steps mentioned above and you should be able to enjoy a better and safer experience with apps.

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How to spot fake iOS and Android apps in 6 easy steps
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How to spot fake iOS and Android apps in 6 easy steps
If you are doubtful of counterfeit apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, here's how to spot fake iOS and Android apps to avoid the mess and risk.
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