How to use Google apps on your iPhone
How to use Google apps on your iPhone

Are you a great fan of Google and its applications for Windows but own an iPhone instead? Well, you can use Google apps on your iPhone and have the power and simplicity of Google with you all the time. There are a bunch of Google Apps that you can access on your Apple device and get fantastic results from them.

Before everything else, you’ll need an iTunes and a Google account to download and use Google apps on your iPhone. Here are some of the best Google apps and a little bit information on how to use them.

  1. Google Mobile App

The Google Mobile App provides you some of the best methods to navigate the web. You can initiate a search using voice commands through your phone’s microphone or search by location using your phone’s built-in GPS capabilities. You can even use Google Goggles feature that lets you take a photo of an item and search for this item on the Internet. All of these search options will help you quickly sail through the web like a pro.

2. Google Maps

If you want the quickest and easiest way to get from one point to another, then Google Maps is the app for you. Simply provide the destination address and Google will find you a route from your current location, along with an option for an alternate route. Use Google Maps to roam around the world or in your streets, whatever you like.

3. Gmail

This is one of the most essential of all the apps for your iPhone. With Gmail, you can access your emails from anywhere on the road. To receive instant notifications of any new mail, just set up Gmail as your default email client in the iPhone’s settings. After this, all your important emails will be right at your fingertips.

4. Google Earth

Google Earth for iPhone brings the power and elegance of a virtual globe right to you and lets you browse the remote locations of the world with just a few taps. You can explore the streets of your town, or even spot the Great Wall of China with this fantastic app.

5. YouTube

Owned by Google, YouTube is the best platform to explore, watch and share originally-created videos. YouTube comes pre-installed on all iPhones so you don’t have to separately install the app. Simply launch the YouTube App on your phone and enjoy watching funny videos or share the one that you like with your friends. No matter what you like to watch, YouTube has everything to make your mood.

Here we finish with our handy guide that will definitely help you use Google apps on your iPhone. You will find numerous Google compatible apps for social media, music, productivity and more on the iTunes store.

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How to easily use Google apps on your iPhone
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How to easily use Google apps on your iPhone
Google apps can replace the default apps on your Apple smartphone. With this useful tutorial it becomes very easy for you to use Google apps on your iPhone.
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