change skins on KMPlayer
How to change skins on KMPlayer in easy steps

Hello KMPlayer users, we have already discussed many useful features and functionalities of KMP in our older posts. Today, we will cover the guide to change skins on KMPlayer in some simple steps. Yes, you can customize the multimedia player according to your likes within just a few easy steps. Read the post to know more about it and get started.

KMPlayer is one of the most reliable and multi-functional media players available in the market. It not only lets you just play your favorite audio and video files, but you can do a whole lot more with it. From screen capture to making a GIF using KMPlayer, you can do anything with it. Here’s how to change skins on KMPlayer to make your interface with the application better and more interesting. Before following the steps mentioned below, do not forget to download KMPlayer on your system.

Change skins on KMPlayer

Step 1: When you want to change the color of skins on the application, you need to open the media players first.

Step 2: You will see KMPlayer with its original version, by default chic black skin as shown in the image. Don’t worry; you can change it to the way you like.

Step 3: Now right click on Skins and then click on Color Themes


Step 4: You will see multiple options to select your color from. The default value is originally set as “Do not use”, yet you can change it if you would like to.


Step 5: Simply select the color of skins you want KMP to look like.

Step 6: As soon as you make the choice, your change will be applicable in moments. Now you will see that the skin has immediately changed to the new color.


And you are done.

BONUS: Now it’s time to change skin option for users with touch PC. This option will surely help those with a touch-sensitive PC to have a great multimedia experience with KMPlayer. Let’s go.

It’s always cumbersome to keep on tapping a small icon with a chubby finger. But you don’t have to worry as you can change skins on KMPlayer in a touch PC as well.

Step 1: Just right click on Skins and then on touch.ksf.


Step 2: You will notice that the skins have become optimized for touch PC users. All playback options and additional icons will become bigger than original skins.


And it’s done!

If you want, you can also change your skins color on this touch mode. If you don’t like the idea of colorful skins, you can go back to the settings and enjoy the original version as it is by heading to Skins > Color Themes > Do Not Use.

So, this was all in our guide to change skins on KMPlayer. You can also capture screenshots in KMPlayer. We will cover that topic in our next post. It seems like the audio and video player concerns users of all types and thence offers such a great function.

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How to change skins on KMPlayer in easy steps
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How to change skins on KMPlayer in easy steps
If you don't like the dull by default color of the application, you can follow our guide to change skins on KMPlayer to enjoy a great multimedia experience.
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