Common Android and iOS apps

With the advancement in mobile technology, the app world is booming day by day. Over the past few years we’ve seen some quality apps and the quality continues to improve day by day. A good mobile app is that which can work on multiple platforms. If you own a lot of gadgets, then using common Android and iOS apps is the way to go.

When it comes to choosing between iOS and Android, the most dominant factor is the quality of apps and the number of apps available on the App Store. Some may say that iOS offers better apps, while others will go for Android. Well, to resolve the issue, we have come up with a list of 5 common Android and iOS apps you should know.

Apps that are common for iOS and Android



Flipboard, a social reader is our top choice among the common Android and iOS apps. Using the app you can search for your favorite news sources and access all of them at one place. The app’s design resembles a digital magazine, with huge graphics, page flipping, and many more. You can even save stories for later reading and check out trending topics on the main page. Overall, it’s a solid choice for both iOS and Android users.

Download Flipboard for iOS

Download Flipboard for Android



Instagram is a photo-sharing app and it has gained widespread popularity among the common Android and iOS apps, since its release. It is a fantastic app for those who love to capture photos and videos with some fancy transitions and filter effects.  You can share photos and interact with your friend’s photos as well. The social media integration feature is perfect for those who like to post photos on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, among others. There’s so much in the app that you’ll become a fan of Instagram once you use it.

Download Instagram for iOS

Download Instagram for Android



Obviously, WhatsApp is one of the best common Android and iOS apps for instant messaging purpose. With it, you can share messages, images, videos, documents, contacts, etc. The app’s popularity is reflected from the fact that it has the largest user base than any other messaging app. It even supports voice calling features and provides end-to-end encryption for user data across the network. This one among the common Android and iOS apps can easily connect you with your friends across all platforms.

Download WhatsApp for iOS

Download WhatsApp for Android



If you are looking for free video sharing app, then Vine might just be perfect for you. When it comes to fast and fun video capturing, the social media app lets you share a six-second video clip with your friends. Apps like Vine transform the way you share videos on various social media by providing on the spot recording through your phone’s camera. Anyone who wishes to share, comment and view amazing videos shared by your buddies may go for Vine app.

Download Vine for iOS

Download Vine for Android



Now, you might already know about the first four common Android and iOS apps, but for this one you will appreciate us later.  CloudMagic is a freemium app that supports all major platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows phone. It’s a simple yet absolutely wonderful application. By connecting all your services, it lets you look for old posts and messages in one window. You can search for pictures you shared on Facebook long time back, Twitter mentions and DMs, Google Drive files, Google Talk messages, and the list goes on. It’s definitely a fantastic app for every smartphone user out there.

Download CloudMagic for iOS

Download CloudMagic for Android

This covers our list of 5 common Android and iOS apps you should know.

What are your favorite common Android and iOS apps? Share it in the comments so that all can benefit.

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5 common Android and iOS apps you should know
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5 common Android and iOS apps you should know
Here in this post, we'll discuss a list of 5 common Android and iOS apps. The list includes famous applications like Flipboard, Instagram and Vine
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