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In case you own an iPhone 6 or later, you must be using the Live Photos feature on your device. Yes we are talking about the dynamic feature on your iPhone that lets you capture a video and convert into a motion image. It adds to the beauty of image you’ve captured and make it more dynamic and obviously one would want to share live photos to specific people.

Once you’ve created a live photo, you must be feeling an urge to share it on social media. However, the issue is that there is a little scope for you to share live photos. Facebook supports Live Photos, but only the people using Facebook iOS app and running iOS 9 can use it. What’s more irritating is that they too will have to notice the live-photo icon in the lower left corner and then press-and-hold on it to put it in motion.

Talking about other social media apps like Instagram and Twitter, none of them supports Live Photos feature.

But don’t worry! We’ve a suitable fix for you. Here in this post we’ll guide you on how to share Live Photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Let’s get started:

How to share Live Photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

If you want to share to share your Live Photos for a wider audience on Facebook or on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you’ll need to convert them to GiFs and Videos (to share any Live Photo on Instagram, you’ll need to convert into a video, while for Twitter both GiFs and Videos will work).

Convert Live photos into GIFs and Videos

To convert Live Photos into GIFs and Videos, you’ll need a specific application. There are two such applications that make conversion of Live Photo to Video or GIF much easier: Lively and LP Converter. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Lively is free but it adds a watermark to the still photos and GIFs you export from the app (videos and movies are free from the watermark). However, if you don’t want the watermark in your photos and animations, you can go for an in-app purchase of $2.99.

The app lets you trim the start and end points of a GIF or video. There is also an option to play the action backward or have it auto reverse, adjust playback speed and choose export size.

On the other hand, LP Converter is completely free from all annoying ads and watermark. It doesn’t provide any trimming option but offers a set of edit tools for GIFs that lets you adjust playback speed and select file size. Theirs is also a slider to adjust the frame rate and GIF resolution.

Overall, both the apps have their own set of advantages and limitations. You can choose any one you find suitable.

Convert photos using Google’s own GIF Maker

Apart from this, Google has announced new Motion Stills app that lets you convert Live Photos into GIFs or videos so that you can share them to a wider audience.

Unlike Lively and LP Conversion, Motion Stills doesn’t feature edit tools for trimming and adjusting playback speed. However, you can combine multiple clips in a single video. Seems like a suitable option.

Using the apps you can swiftly share Live Photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by converting them to GIFs and videos. This way you can share them on multiple platforms to a wider audience. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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How to share Live photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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How to share Live photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Here in this post, we'll guide you on how to share Live Photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This way you can share your photos to a wider audience.
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