iOS 10 tips and tricks

Apple’s latest iOS operating system, iOS 10 is stealing the headlines these days, all thanks to its improved design and a plethora of features it offers. It has appeared as a major game changer. The new OS is heavily impacting the way people use their iPhones and iPad. However, without a few handy tips and tricks, the latest iOS experience will not be much remarkable. That’s why here we’ve come up with a list of 10 best iOS 10 tips and tricks that will transform the way you use the new OS. Let’s get started.

Best iOS 10 tips and tricks

Here’s the list of hidden iOS 10 tips and tricks you must use:

Access Camera by swiping left

A small yet significant feature introduced in the camera app of iOS 10 is that now you can access it from anywhere on the screen. Now you longer need to slide from bottom to top to open the app. Instead you can swipe from anywhere on the screen and the app will be opened in front of you.

The feature will come handy when you come across a perfect moment and you want to capture it before that moment passes.

From now on, you’ll never miss your perfect click just because you couldn’t open the camera in time.

Siri to control third-party apps

In the latest iOS 10 update, Apple has increased the number of apps that are compatible with Siri. Now the digital assistant is not only limited to stock apps. Instead, you can also use it to control third-party apps.

This is indeed great step as now you can control almost every app on your iPhone with the digital assistant and enjoy its functionality, on a wider level.

Get news quickly with news subscriptions

Everyone wants to stay aware and up-to-date on all the latest things happening around him. So news is an incredible part of our daily lives. Keeping this in mind, Apple has rolled out a major upgrade in the news app in iOS 10.

From now on, all the latest feature stories and editor picks will be delivered directly on your phone in the form of notifications, so that you always get the best stories to read. Apart from this, you can also subscribe if you don’t want to miss any latest news from top publishing houses.

Track your Parked car with the latest iOS

This may happen many times. You park your car and go to hang out with friends. Now, when you return after an hour or two, you notice that you no longer remember the location where you had parked your car.

However, thanks to the newly introduced feature in iOS 10. You’ll no longer forget your parked location. Instead, it’ll remind you where you had parked your thing.

The feature works in collaboration with Apple CarPlay. When you disconnect your phone from CarPlay, a notification will appear on your phone. Clicking it will open a map that’ll navigate you to your car. Congratulations! You have found your lost car. Now, enjoy.

It’s not like that you only have to have CarPlay to use the feature. When you disconnect your phone from automatic Bluetooth systems, it’ll also show up.

Control downloads with 3D touch

In iOS 10, 3D Touch has become more effective and functional. When an app is downloading files from web, you can use the feature on its icon on the Home screen to play and pause, prioritize and cancel downloads.

Split View Websites

Also, there is this new feature called Split view that lets you view two websites at once in Safari browser. This way you can easily two websites at a time.

To use the feature:

  • Hold a finger on the link
  • Choose Open in Split View from the menu

Use your finger to unlock your device

From now on, there is no need to press home button again and again to unlock your device. Instead, you can easily access it using your finger. All you need to:

  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button
  • Enable Rest Finger to Open option

The feature comes handy for people with motor difficulties or the large iPhones where pressing the button may cause you to lose your grip on the device.

Quickly share app recommendations

Just downloaded a cool app. Want to recommend it to friends? You can easily do so in iOS 10. You no longer need to waste your time searching the App in the App Store to share the link. Instead, you can 3D Touch the home screen icon of the app! Select the Share command from its Quick actions and choose a suitable method from the Share sheet.

Search iCloud

The newly introduced Spotlight search feature also lets you search your iCloud Drive. Now you can easily locate the drive contents. This will save a lot of your time.

Well, if you want to disable the feature. You can also do so. You just need to:

  • Go to Settings > General > Spotlight search and turn off iCloud Drive option

Delete pre-installed apps in iOS 10

Long gone are the days when you had to keep all unwanted stock apps in a separate folder because you couldn’t delete them. Now you can easily get rid of pre-installed apps in iOS 10. This will save you over 150 MB of free storage space.

To remove a pre-installed app:

  • Tap and hold on a Home screen icon until they all start to jiggle
  • Tap the cross at an app’s top left corner


You can recover the deleted app back from the app store.

Our list of best iOS 10 tips and tricks ends here. For more iOS 10 tips and tricks, stay tuned with us!

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10 iOS 10 tips and tricks you must use
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10 iOS 10 tips and tricks you must use
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