macOS Sierra hidden features

Apple has just introduced its latest operating system for Mac devices called macOS Sierra. The new operating system introduces a plethora of features and upgrades to other Mac OS X. Apart from this, there are also some hidden features, which most users don’t know. Here in this post, we’ll discuss these macOS Sierra hidden features. Let’s get started:

macOS Sierra hidden features

Here are the macOS Sierra hidden features you must know about:

Use Siri on Mac

use-siri-on-macmacOS Sierra brings good news for all those who were eagerly waiting for Siri to make its debut on Mac. Yes! You heard it right. Siri is finally coming to Mac.

You can access the virtual digital assistant in the Dock and the menu bar. Apart from this, you can also set a keyboard shortcut to access Siri.

The Mac version of Siri is much more powerful than the iOS version and can handle multiple searches. You can also change macOS settings using the assistant.

There are also several advanced commands that cover wide range applications. You can use them to have better Siri experience. Let’s have a look:

“Find photos I took at home”

“Show me photos from any location (say Paris)”

“FaceTime friend (any friend’s name)”

“Mute the volume”

“Tweet I love Cricket (or any other sentence)”

“Have I received my mails from Joe?”

“Play top 40 singles UK”

“How do you spell bagel?”

“Do not disturb”

“Show me files I worked on yesterday”

This way your macOS Sierra experience is going to be much better with the digital assistant.

Using Apple Pay to shop online

Apple Pay has also made its debut on Web, which means now you can shop online and make payments using Apple Pay.

From now on, the websites will display an Apple Pay button. When you click it and enter your Apple ID, an alert will appear on your iPhone. Using this touch ID, the payment will be automatically made from your account.

This is much better alternative than entering your credit card details online and using lengthy procedure to make payments.

Safari picture-in-picture

Those who are using iPads must be pretty much familiar with Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode that displays the video in a small window that hovers over your macOS display. Well, the best part is that the mode has finally arrived on Mac.

The mode is currently supported in Safari browser.


Not all sites support the picture in picture mode. So, it’s obvious that it may not work on some websites.

Memories in Photos app

One of the most significant changes we’ve seen is in the Apple Photos app. Apple has introduced a new feature in the photos app called Memories that lets you save images in a separate folder and categorize them in different categories. Later on you can easily search for these photos and view them whenever you want to.

So, next time you want to view the photos of your wedding Anniversary. Don’t worry! Just type “Anniversary” and hit search button. The photos of your wedding Anniversary will appear and you can once again relive those sweet memories.

Auto Unlock

Yet another feature worth using in macOS Sierra is Auto Unlock. It uses location data from your Apple Watch or any other device to automatically unlock your Mac.

This means if you’re wearing your Apple Watch, you can unlock your Mac, without using password. Seems pretty cool!

Universal Clipboard

Universal Clipboard is an extension to the Continuity feature, introduced in earlier OS X that lets you transfer items between Mac and iOS devices. This way you can swiftly transfer video, photos, audio and other media files without having to transfer them via USB cable or any other medium.

The whole process is quite simple. Just press Ctrl + C on your Mac! Hold down and select Paste on your iPhone. As long as you’ve logged in both the devices using same Apple ID, you can do this seamlessly.

New Messages

Apart from this, several new changes have been made in the Messages app. Now, you can respond to messages using Tapback reactions, play videos and preview links inside the app, send GIF animations and much more. This will make your conversations more live and interactive.

No matter, the Messages app is not as much advanced as the iOS version. Still, a lots of improvements have been made in it.

Optimized storage

There is yet another feature in macOS Sierra that’ll come to your rescue if your hard disk storage is full. Known as Optimized storage that lets you save older files to your iCloud storage. This way you can still access them if you need them later but they’ll no longer take any extra storage space in your hard drive.

Apart from this, macOS Sierra has become a lot smarter when it comes to automatically deleting files from your Mac. The files which are saved in your trash for more than 30 days are automatically deleted.

That’s it! Our list of macOS Sierra hidden features ends here. If you’re using the latest Mac OS, you can go through above mentioned macOS Sierra hidden features to enjoy the most of your OS. Otherwise, you’ve not updated your Mac to latest macOS Sierra yet, it’s time to do so. Enjoy!

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macOS Sierra hidden features you must know
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macOS Sierra hidden features you must know
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