Here are all the new emojis coming with iOS 10.2
Here are all the new emojis coming with iOS 10.2

Apple has finally released the iOS 10.2 beta for iPhone and iPad. The latest update is packed with new features, including some interesting emojis, wallpapers, and more. The emojis coming with iOS 10.2 are a part of Unicode 9.0, which contains 72 new emojis. This includes 22 new “Smileys and People”, 18 new “Food and Drink,” and some other new “Activities,” “Animals,” and “Objects” related emojis.

Considering the fact that billions of people use emojis every day on their iPhones and Macs, extending the emoji vocabulary is the most impressive update yet. So, from now on you will get a variety of new professions, objects, animals, gestures, and many more. Let’s have a look at all the new emojis coming with iOS 10.2.

Professions, including an astronaut


This one’s probably the favorite emoji category of all the iOS users. Apple has added emojis for many new professions with gender diversity. In fact, all new and old profession emojis have male as well as female characters. Also, there will be a pregnant woman in the emojis list.

Some of the emojis coming with iOS 10.2 in this category are teacher, welder, farmer, scientist, student, and mechanic among others.

For animal lovers


If you love animals, then Apple has a good news for you. The emojis coming with iOS 10.2 also includes some animals images. Whether you love birds, insects or fishes, you’ll have a plenty of emojis to share.

All new gestures


What’s more interesting than sending emojis to keep up with what you like to do most? Well, iOS 10.2 brings a facepalm emoji, a crossed finger emoji, a selfie emoji, and even a shrugging one. You can use anyone among these new emojis coming with iOS 10.2 to spice up your chats.

Some redesigns too


Several good old emojis have also seen significant redesigns. Most of them have been redesigned, but still, there are some left. So, Apple has refreshed old emojis with the new emojis coming with iOS 10.2.


Apart from the emoji innovation, there’s a new video widget and some handy new settings for maintaining your Camera app settings while taking a photo.

In case you still use iOS 9 and have no idea what we’re talking about, Apple has redesigned all the major old emojis and there are a bunch of new emojis coming with iOS 10.2.

iOS 10.2 is still in beta and available only to registered developers, but the final version will be available for download in a short time.

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Here are all the new emojis coming with iOS 10.2
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Here are all the new emojis coming with iOS 10.2
Apple has introduced many new emojis to let you make the most of your chatting experience. Here are all the emojis coming with iOS 10.2.
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