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In the latest iOS 10, Apple has introduced some significant changes in its apps. While the apps like the iMessages app for iOS 10 saw major enhancements, few other programs like the Mail app weren’t untouched from the new upgrades. The iOS 10 mail app has also received significant upgrades. However, without some nifty tips and tricks you can’t experience the charm of the newly upgraded app. That’s why here we’ve come with best iOS 10 mail app tips and tricks that’ll help you make most out of the app. Let’s get started:

Best iOS 10 mail app tips and tricks

Change the default mail account

Generally, the iOS 10 mail app sets iCloud as your default mail account. However, you can replace with new mail account whenever you want to.

Here’s how to do so:

  • Tap Settings > Mail > Default account
  • Select an email account you want to choose as default

Once you’re finished you default iCloud account will be replaced with the one you’ve currently set as default.

Bonus Tip

You can tap from within a new message to send it from different account. Doing so will not change your default setting.

Customize the mailboxes screen

When you launch the iOS 10 mail app, the very first screen you’ll see is the Mailboxes screen. It displays the inboxes for all your mail accounts. Scrolling down will take you to more specific folders.

On the top corner of the Mailboxes screen you’ll see Edit button that lets you customize the mailboxes screen as per the way you want to. Here, you can add shortcuts to view you newly arrived inbox messages, pin any mail folder to the mailboxes screen, rearrange the shorts and much more.

Change the way threaded messages behave

You can also change the way threaded messages behave in iOS 10. Now, there is no need to tap on individual messages within email conversation to read them one by one. Instead, you can scroll through whole conversation on one screen.

By default, the threaded messages in the iOS 10 mail app appear with the older messages on top, while the most recent messages appear in the bottom. However, you can change the setting. For, this you’ve to:

  • Tap Settings > Mail
  • Scroll down to the Threading section and tap Most recent messages on top

Customize new iOS 10 mail filter

No doubt the new iOS 10 mail filter does great job of filtering unread messages. However, you can choose to enhance the filter even further. Here’s how to do so:

  • Tap Filtered by next to the filter button

You’ll see a variety of options like the mail accounts you want to filter to include or exclude, whether you want the filtered mail to reveal flagged on unread messages and much more. Apart from this, you can also customize the filter button to show the messages addressed to you, messages with attachments or the messages sent from VIP contacts only.

Use different mail signatures for various email accounts

In case you don’t want to display the same sent from my iPhone signature on every email account, you can choose to customize your signature files for each accounts. This you can set different signatures for your personal and work email account.

To use different mail signatures for various accounts:

  • Tap Settings > Mail > Signature
  • Select the Per Account option
  • Now different signature fields will appear for each mail accounts, you can manually add details for each

Bonus tip

You can also add formatting like bold, italics and underlines to your mail signatures. Doing so is very simple. You just need to:

  • Tap the text you want to format
  • Tap the BIU button in the pop-up bubble

Congratulations! Now add make your email signatures more interactive and stylish.

Our list of best iOS 10 mail app tips and tricks ends here. Now, you can easily get along with the new email app and make the most out of it.

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Best iOS 10 mail app tips and tricks you must know
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Best iOS 10 mail app tips and tricks you must know
Here in this post, we'll discuss best iOS 10 mail app tips and tricks you must know so that you can make most out of the app.
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