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How to lock your Facebook account for safety

Facebook is surely one of the best feasible ways to communicate with anyone and stay in touch, but a simple ignorance or carelessness can certainly lead to exposure of information you’d like to keep private. Wondering how to do so? Here we have come up with a simple yet effective way to lock your Facebook account for more security.

Using this guide, you will be not only able to lock your profile, but you will also get rid of other distractions and annoyances. Have a look at our guide to lock your Facebook account below and take a step further to your online privacy.

Lock your Facebook account: Privatizing your profile

Where Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with your friends, family, and other contacts online, the same platform becomes a source to spread and share your personal information, photos, and other data to anyone. It poses a threat to your online privacy if you don’t use the right settings. That’s the reason it’s necessary to lock your Facebook account. To lock your Facebook account, you will need to,

    • Edit your default settings under Privacy Settings


    • Go through all privacy sections carefully and choose the one for your profile


    • Edit all sections to adjust who can see your information, with showing it to everyone being the least private option


    • Edit settings for both Basic and Contact information


    • In case you select a custom setting, you can select who will see it. You can also block specific users if you want to


    • Edit controls on what info is displayed on your wall and what posts to your friend’s wall


    • Edit what others can see about in searches


  • If there are some users you don’t want to be able to contact you, then you can just add them to block list


Avoid quizzes and snooping apps

Many of you might feel fascinated playing the multitude of Facebook quizzes and games as you get bored or invited by other friends. The same can, however, prove to be aggressive data miners. So, when you are participating in a quiz to find out Who Is Your Soul Mate” or ‘What Song Is Made for You”, the developers of the quiz are simultaneously accessing your personal data.


Everyone already knows that your information is shared through Facebook when you play online games or quizzes. You can know how apps interact with your details by heading to Applications overview under Privacy Settings.


By going to Privacy section and Application settings, you can edit and control what types of information can be accessed through apps. If you don’t wish anything to be shared, just select the option in the bottom.

Block Facebook distractions

Sick of seeing those useless messages every time a friend participates in a quiz or makes a move in Mafia Wars, make sure and check out? You can do that in your settings too.


In short, Facebook is a lot of fun in many ways and absolutely a fantastic way to interact and communicate with people around the world; but keep in mind that the platform also uses your personal information. So follow our guide to lock your Facebook account and keep your sensitive and personal information limited to people you want to see it, and avoid any potential embarrassment or awkward situations.

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How to lock your Facebook account for safety
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How to lock your Facebook account for safety
To ensure the safety of your account and control who can see and access what you post and share, you can lock your Facebook account using our guide.
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