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In today’s dynamic world, we need to be aware and updated all the time because no one knows what may happen the next moment. For a longer time, newspaper has been the sole medium of staying aware and updated, but at present it’s not advance enough, hence Android news apps have taken the place. Reasons are simple: First, newspapers contain very limited information and second, most of the times that information is late and is no longer useful. So, you always need a newsfeed app in your phone.

However, choosing the best news app from the list of available Android news apps is not that easy. It requires hours of research. That’s why here we’ve come up with the list of best Android news apps. Let’s get started:

Best Android news apps you must have in your phone


Price: Free

You must be aware of Feedly, world’s most popular RSS and blog reader. Here, you’ll find all trending topics at one place. The application lets you organize your favorite publications, podcasts and YouTube channels at one place. Which will help you stay updated everyone.

One of the major attractions of Feedly lies in its simple, intuitive and highly responsive interface. At its core you’ll see a variety of viewing options, which appeal for various users with different moods and consumption habits. All your lists and feeds are shown on left side.

Well, if you’re looking for simple yet impressive news feed app for your mobile, Feedly is the best option.


Price: $2.99

Press is a simple yet impressive RSS client for popular syncing services. The utility supports a number of third-party RSS services like Feedly, Feedbin and Feed wrangler.

The application is divided into different levels, which are visible as vertical columns. On left side, you see the complete set of lists, which the array of thumbnails for the feed are displayed on right. On tapping any of the icons, you’ll move to the next level, which will give access to individual stories. Now select the article of your choice, it’ll be displayed in clear fashion.

Working of the app may seem a bit complicated, still it’s your best bet for stylish and attractive news feed app.

gReader Pro

Price: $4.69

Next in the list is this simple, fast and intuitive feed/RSS reader by the name gReader Pro. It features beautiful themes, podcast support and full offline support. Here, you’ll find all latest rss/feed news in one single place. Also, you can choose from plenty of customization options. Moreover, the user interface is pretty much impressive.

Features so many outstanding features, stylish interface and plenty of customization app, gReader Pro is still one of the most popular Android news feed apps of all time.


Price: Free

This simple and stylish news Android news app called Flipboard acts as your personal magazine. It acts as a hub for the latest news, topics for your interest, your favorite photos and videos so that you can always stay aware and up-to-date.

Using the app is very simple. To get started, you just need to follow a few topics and Flipboard creates your personal magazine. You can even add more topics whenever you want to.

In simple words, Flipboard is the perfect app to always stay up-to-date with the topics of your interest.

Google Play Newsstand

Price: Free

Last entry in the list is Google Play Newsstand, a powerful news application from Google itself. The app provides you access to latest news and in-depth articles from leading publications. From sports, business, entertainment and fashion to latest thrilling news, the app provides topics on all categories.  Here, you find all latest updates on the topics of your interest. You can also download any news edition, magazine or topics or save stories as bookmarks to read them later.

Google Play Newsstand can be your perfect bet for a simple and stylish Android news feed app.

Our list of best Android news apps ends here. So, if you’re looking for a small, simple and stylish news app that will keep you updated all the time, you can download any of the above mentioned apps. They’re ultimate.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Best Android news apps you must have in your phone
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Best Android news apps you must have in your phone
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