Apple leaks new MacBook Pro
Apple leaks new MacBook Pro with the Magic Toolbar

Apple’s upcoming event is already awaited on Thursday, where the tech titan is expected to announce so much interesting. Amidst the list of rumors, the company is widely expected to reveal a revived MacBook Pro on October 27, 2016. To heat the hype, Apple leaks new MacBook Pro in leaked images that slip out early.

Though the event is still a day away, it seems like it is in plans to hints people bit before the actual announcement. According to sources, a pair of images was spotted hidden within the latest macOS Sierra update.

Both the images reveal a new MacBook Pro, with a touch panel above its keyboard and a fingerprint reader.

Apple leaks new MacBook Pro in images with a narrower build and slimmer bezels around the keys and the screen as well. Talking about the keys, they all look to be flatter, almost copying the same slim design like that on MacBook. Except that, the overall design seems more or less the same like the Pro we know today.

What’s the main highlight of the leaked images is obviously the touch strip visible at the top of the keyboard.


It has been in rumors for long time and now that Apple leaks new MacBook Pro with leaked images, it’s almost confirmed. The slipped out images hint towards what it will be like in use. It will be like all black and blank when the system is off, and able to display buttons, colors, and symbols in response to whatever shows up on the screen.

One of the two leaked images shows its use in Apple pay. There’s an arrow pointing to the right corner of the touch strip, where you will find a Touch ID fingerprint reader. Other reliable sources also found icons within macOS that likely refer to the capability to unlock or authenticate some feature with Touch ID.


Apple may name the new MacBook Pro’s touch strip the Magic Toolbar.

Brian Conroy at The Trademark Ninja spotted a trademark filing for the same name that he has traced back to Apple. Brian has earlier caught a number of other product names early than official announcements arrive.

This doesn’t make the name confirmed, yet it certainly does sound like a name Apple would come up with some time now. For the facts, the company already has a Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse.

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Apple leaks new MacBook Pro with the Magic Toolbar
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Apple leaks new MacBook Pro with the Magic Toolbar
Apple leaks new MacBook Pro in two leaked images. The slipped out images of new MacBook Pro shows touch strip with s fingerprint reader.
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