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Just got a new Pixel smartphone! Congratulations. From full HD resolution storage, an outstanding camera to Wi-Fi Assistant, Google Pixel boasts a versatile collection of enhanced features that will make your smartphone experience quite remarkable. Still, you might not be aware about some outstanding Google Pixel settings, you must change right now to make most out of your smartphone. Here in this post, we’ll discuss all of them. Let’s get started:

Google Pixel settings you must change right now

Use Wi-Fi Assistant

If you want to limit the over consumption of mobile data, you can choose to enable Google’s Wi-Fi assistant feature that lets you automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network, when it detects any in its surroundings. This way you can prevent data over usage as much as possible.

Also, the utility includes a VPN service to ensure your security on a public Wi-Fi network.

Here’s how you can set up and use Wi-Fi assistant:

  • Open the settings app
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • Tap Settings icon in the top-right corner
  • Toggle the switch next to Use open Wi-Fi automatically to On

Now, you’ve successfully enabled Wi-Fi assistant on your smartphone. From now on, your pixel will automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks.

Launch and setup Google Photos

If you want to enjoy unlimited storage, make sure to setup and launch Google Photos. The app lets you backup your photos and videos online for free, ensuring that they’ll always remain safe on cloud. Don’t make the mistake of not setting up the app and resetting your phone. You may end up losing every data you may have. So, take care!

Give Live Wallpapers a try

Using live wallpapers was always one of the most fascinating things you can do on your Android device. But they lacked proper execution and heavily affected battery life.

However, similar is not the case with Pixel smartphones. Google has redesigned the wallpapers unit and introduced a new series of live wallpapers that slowly change with your smartphone’s battery consumption. Apart from this you can also view current cloud conditions based on your location.

If you don’t want to change wallpapers again and again, you can enable Daily Wallpapers feature that automatically changes wallpapers every 24 hours.

To use Live wallpapers:

  • Long-press on your home screen and scroll through various wallpapers

Enable 4K video

Well, the good news is that the Pixel smartphones come with the option of full resolution storage on Google Phones. So, you can save full HD videos on cloud without paying even a single buck as an extra cost.

Google Pixel comes with 4K storage option.

To change video resolution to 4K:

  • Scroll down and select Settings
  • Select 4K under Back camera video resolution option

Using fingerprint sensor’s hidden feature

Normally, we use fingerprint sensor to unlock our Phone. However, Google Pixel smartphones also let you use the reader as a touchpad to pull down notification shade with a quick swipe from any screen.

The feature is disabled by-default. To turn it on:

  • Open Settings > Moves and enable Swipe for Notifications

Customize Google Assistant

You can also customize Google Assistant your own way, so that you can yourself train the app on what to do and what not to.

To get started,

  • Long-press the home button to launch Google Assistant
  • Tap the menu button in the top right corner followed by Settings

In the Settings menu, you’re presented with a variety of customization options like setting up sources you want news from, customizing what information you want to include in your daily agenda or updating your personal details etc.

You can change settings as per the way you want to.

Pixel shortcuts

Apart from this, there are also few other shortcuts listed in the Moves section that may prove handy in various situations. Let’s have a look:

  • Double pressing the power button opens Camera
  • You can switch between the front and rear camera with a quick double-twist of the phone

In case, you still don’t have any idea on how the feature works, you can Tap the play button next to each Moves option. It will display a brief animation of the gesture in action.

Our list of Google Pixel settings you must change to enjoy the most out of your smartphone ends here. So, if you’ve bought a new Pixel smartphone, don’t forget to change above-mentioned Google Pixel settings. They’ll definitely improve your smartphone experience. Enjoy!

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7 Google Pixel settings you must change right now
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7 Google Pixel settings you must change right now
Here in this post, we'll discuss Google Pixel settings you must change right now so that you can make most out of the smartphone.
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