Facebook Messenger adds PayPal
Facebook Messenger adds PayPal and notifications for bot payments

PayPal just announced that it’s releasing an additional payment option within Facebook Messenger. Now that Facebook Messenger adds PayPal, users can easily make payments other than debit cards, which was the only available option till now.

Ironically, it’s weird that Facebook Messenger adds PayPal support before Venmo, the popular transaction app owned by PayPal itself.

It seems like PayPal is pushing hard to expand its reach into the consumer market, after somewhat struck partnerships with Visa, MasterCard, Vodafone, and Alibaba, among other companies in the recent months alone.

Now with Facebook Messenger on board, the opportunity opens up the gate to potential one billion users. In 2015, Facebook first indicated its ambitions to expand Messenger beyond a messaging application into a platform, connecting retailers and customers on one of the world’s most popular messaging services.

Everlane and Zulily were the first among new retailing partners. Big brands like KLM have signed up since then to help promote Messenger as a platform.

The new feature is available only to select users in the U.S, for now.

As Facebook Messenger adds PayPal support, PayPal users will be able to quickly link their PayPal and Messenger accounts. Customers will also receive payment notifications right within the Messenger app.

There’s no stone left unturned in Facebook’s attempt to push Messenger as a dedicated commerce tool. Even last month, David Marcus, Messenger VP hinted that Messenger bots could now accept payments right within Messenger. He also revealed that Facebook was working with a couple of payment companies, like PayPal, in order to expand its reach.

Finally, Bill Ready, EVP and chief operating office at PayPal confirmed that merchants will be soon able to accept PayPal payments directly in their bots, too.

Facebook and PayPal have worked together in the past already, in 2015, its Braintree subsidiary aided a partnership between Facebook and Uber, while businesses have been able to pay for Facebook advertisements via PayPal for some years.

Ready said in a statement that the new collaboration continues to showcase PayPal’s march to be a customer champion.

He further added,

“We will continue to execute on our vision of offering PayPal in more places where people shop online, in app and in store by partnering with companies who share our desire to create meaningful products that benefit both consumers and merchants.”

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Facebook Messenger adds PayPal and notifications for bot payments
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Facebook Messenger adds PayPal and notifications for bot payments
Facebook Messenger adds PayPal and notifications for bot payments to select users in the US. Earlier the option was limited to debit card only.
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