using Snapchat selfie lenses
Beginners guide to using Snapchat selfie lenses

New to Snapchat or not so addicted user who has full knowledge of the platform? If so, then you have arrived at the right post. For those who are not so familiar with the app and its incredible features and wondering why all your friends are donning NFL helmets, puking rainbows, or shooting lasers out of their eyes, then hold on and read the post. It’s all possible in snaps, thanks to the capability of using Snapchat selfie lenses.

Snapchat’s selfie lenses are the animated filters that in short span of time have become ubiquitous with the social platform since their launch last year. These lenses are specifically designed to act as creative filters for your selfies. Good thing is that using Snapchat selfie lenses is possible on both still photos and videos. The service also lets you add captions in bold, colorful, or funky fonts.

Now that you know what the term is, let’s get started with the guide to using Snapchat selfie lenses.

Using Snapchat selfie lenses in easy steps

First of all, launch Snapchat’s camera by tapping on the gray circle at the bottom. Turn the camera mode to front-facing (selfie). To do so, tap on the camera icon on the top-right to switch the rear mode to selfie.

Now, tap on your face, you will see a mesh like wired wrap around your face automatically mapping it. It’s Snapchat’s powerful facial recognition technology at work.

Once the mask is complete, choose from a collection of 10 different lenses. To try each, just swipe left to try whichever lens you want to check out. Snapchat rotates lenses regularly and lets brands to sponsor lenses. This way, you come to be on the look-out for new lenses every other day. So, if you like a lens, it’s best that you get on it, Snapchat could retire it the next day otherwise.

For now, the selection of lenses includes doggie ears, flower crown, NBA hoops, hippie sunglasses, and many more.

You may find some of the lens similar to the existing selfie apps, like ZombieBooth and AgingBooth.

Just press on the selected filter to capture a snap. You can also add text to it and send the snap to your friends or save it in your camera roll for later.

So, this was our quick guide to using Snapchat selfie lenses. Drop your comments below if you’d find it handy enough.

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Beginners guide to using Snapchat selfie lenses
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Beginners guide to using Snapchat selfie lenses
If you are looking for a complete guide to using Snapchat selfie lenses, then this post is just for you. Read on the article to get started with the fun.
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