block apps notifications in Android
Best ways to block apps notifications in Android

Android’s notification system is surely one of its best features. The powerful functionality is handy and comes in great use, yet there are some apps that abuse the ease of use. If you are one of the users who are sick of those constant popups and reminders from specific apps, then here’s our quick guide to completely block apps notifications in Android.

In the ideal manner, one can turn off the notifications through the offending app’s settings. Of course, there will be many among you who don’t wish Facebook cluttering your device with notifications. In case of Facebook, you can simply go to its settings and turn the annoying notifications off. That’s the best and quickest way to do so, yet similar is not the case with all apps.

A couple of apps are nothing more than big jerks with no options to turn off notifications. In such cases, if you want to block apps notifications in Android device, you can go for a nuclear route and keep them away from sending you contestant notifications. Thanks to a great setting within Android, you can block apps notifications in Android easily. Below we will discuss the trick to do so.

NOTE: Disabling notifications may vary significantly; depending upon what Android device and Android build you are using. Here in this post, we have covered guide to block apps notifications in Android Marshmallow. Let’s dig in and get started with the process.

Block apps notifications in Android

Android Marshmallow comes with more notification options. The first part of the process is almost similar in other Android operating systems.

    • Pull down the notifications screen
    • Tap on the cog wheel icon


    • Go to Apps


    • If you are unable to see the full app list here, you may need to enter another menu, the same entry may be named as Application or App Manager


    • Once you are there, search the offending app and tap on it
    • Down the menu you will find an entry for Tap on it
    • You can also block apps notification in Android from the shade itself. When you see a notification from the problem app you wish to block, you just have to long-press the notification. On most Samsung devices, the notification changes color and a little “info” icon appears on the right side. Tap on it to directly reach the app’s notification settings


    • Now you will get a few options to choose from. If you want to completely block the app, turn on the option for “Block All”. This option is also dubbed as ‘Allow notifications” on Samsung devices and comes turned on by default. To disable it, just toggle the option off


Once you have turned off the correct entry, you are done. So, this was all required to block app notifications in Android. Follow our quick guide and bid farewell to the bothersome notifications.

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Best ways to block apps notifications in Android
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Best ways to block apps notifications in Android
if you are trying to block apps notifications in Android, this post will help you do so by following some easy steps. Check out the post to know more.
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