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How to block Facebook game requests in 5 steps

One of the most interesting things about Facebook is the games and same are one of the annoying ones as well. Yes, the game requests still exist and continue to bother users on droves. Good thing is that we have a quick guide to help you block Facebook game requests easily. Before that, let’s have a quick roundup of the Facebook games trend.

Facebook games come to be so powerful given their addictive nature. For instance, games like Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda Saga, have been ruling over 10 million users worldwide over Facebook only. That’s a lot of people who play such games, but Facebook has more than 800 active users, and that’s really a lot of people who don’t like to play CCSS or other such time-killers.

There are a number of games that rope in new players through incentives to current layers. Just join your friend to play and you get credits or advance easily for next level. As a result…game requests. The only two responses to these games requests are either to grin and bear the annoyance or write a missive complaint about it and/or threatening to unfriend the offender.

Well, you don’t have to go after these as you can block Facebook game requests without any further ado. Complaints generally fall on deaf ears, and unfriending someone, while decisive, is still extreme unless you don’t give a damn. All in all, there’s a better solution and it has been around for a while – block Facebook game requests.

Here’s how to block Facebook game requests by person or game

Though the Facebook website is always busy and going and you may end up missing something, the controls are all there if you know where to find them. All other navigation settings and options are on the left of your newsfeed. To block Facebook games requests,

Step 1

    • Go to Apps, click on the Games link.


    • You will find two links at the top – Find Games and Click on the Activity link and then on Invites


Step 2

There are two ways to block Facebook games requests. You can either click on Ignore All link next to every game or you can click on X icon next to the Accept button to block the user as well as the game (it’s better to choose the latter)

Step 3

    • If you choose Ignore All, you can block the game


    • After you block a game, a dialog will be displayed asking you to confirm or cancel. Click on Confirm


Step 4

If you use the preferred method, click on X next to the sender’s name to see the options. First option is to block the game. It will prompt the dialog in the previous image. Second option allows you to ignore all games requests from a specific users, this is where the trick happens

Step 5

Being a better alternative to unfriending, this keeps them in your friendlist but block Facebook games requests

Forget not that blocking the app doesn’t blocks the sender or vice/versa. In many cases, it’s just one game that’s prevailing and it makes blocking the app easier. On the contrary, there are always a few who never learn and keep on spamming their friends with games requests.

Either way, you have the option to block Facebook games requests as well as the users. So follow our guide and manage all your requests in a better and ruthless way.

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How to block Facebook game requests in 5 steps
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How to block Facebook game requests in 5 steps
If you are one of the people bothered by relentless request of games in your account, you can easily block Facebook games requests using our guide.
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