Best WhatsApp alternatives
Best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS

When we talk about popular messaging applications, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the only two names that come into our mind. However, there are plenty of other messaging apps out there and these apps have much better features, yet you don’t know about them. Here in this post, we’ll discuss the list of such best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS users. Let’s get started:

Best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS


The first contender in the list is iMessages, Apple’s native chat messenger. The application has been completely redesigned in the latest iOS, introducing a complete new line up of features and functionalities that make it a tough rival for other messaging applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Emoji has been made bigger and several effects have been introduced. You can also send animations and other effectives.

So iOS users if you’re looking for a suitable alternative for WhatsApp, there is no better option than the iMessages app.


You’ll need to update to the latest OS to enjoy the features.


Wechat is a popular messaging app that has secured a special place in market. Using the app you can swiftly send audio messages; do video chats and much more.

If you’re looking for a small, simple yet impressive WhatsApp alternative, Wechat is the perfect option.


Most of us know Skype as video chat application. However, very few people are aware that you can also use Skype as a messenger. The messaging application lets you do a variety of tasks like sending text messages, making calls, sending contacts and transferring files online.

The only aspect where Skype lacks is that you can’t add people directly. Instead you’ve to send them a request. Once they accept you as contact! You can have smooth conversations. You can even make video calls.


Kik is a simple messaging application that lets you swiftly interact with your peers online.

Using the app is pretty simple, you just need to:

  • Register with your email ID and choose your username
  • Give the username to your friends so that they can add you

Once they’ve added you as contact, you can have unlimited conversation with them.

Given it’s simple interface and ease of use, Kik can be an efficient WhatsApp alternative.

Facebook Messenger

Most of you must be familiar with Facebook Messenger. Some of you might even be using it. The messaging app lets you chat with your friends who are online on Facebook. You can send messages, images, emoji and animations, make audio as well as video calls, engage in group conversations and much more.

Well, the issue is that you can’t chat with a person who doesn’t have Facebook account. Still, this is not a big issue as even small kids have their own Facebook account. Rest! The messenger works efficiently.


ChatOn is a simple yet powerful chat application created by Samsung (you can use it on other devices as well). You can use the app to send and receive text messages, images, videos, recordings etc. The application also lets you engage in group conversations as well.

Using ChatOn is pretty much similar to WhatsApp. First of all, you’ll need to verify your number. Once it is verified, you’re ready to go.


This powerful messaging client called Line bears stunning resemblance to WhatsApp, except some extra features like the ability to make call using Line over Internet connection, which makes it a better alternative to WhatsApp.


Viber is a messaging application that provides almost same features and functionalities, WhatsApp has. You can even call your friend, given he has Viber account and you both have an active internet connection.

Our list of best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS users end here. If you’re looking for a simple chatting application that can replace WhatsApp, you can choose for any of the above mentioned best WhatsApp alternatives. They will work efficiently on both Android and iOS devices.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS
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Best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS
Here in this post, we'll discuss the list of best WhatsApp alternatives for Android and iOS. The list includes famous messengers like Kik, Wechat and Viber.
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