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Apple Watch Series 2 review: improved features yet nothing new

Apple is back with its second generation smartwatch called Apple Watch Series 2. This time, the iPhone maker has made sure that more and more people love the updated version of its smartwatch and it becomes equally popular as its other flagship products like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Well, given the level of popularity and buzz, it sure calls for Apple Watch Series 2 review.

Unlike the first edition, Apple Watch Series 2 is completely fitness-oriented, supporting features like GPS to track your steps and cycling sessions. The watch has been made fully waterproof and lets you do swim tracking in the pool and in open water. Apart from this, a new Breath App has been introduced that lets you relax during swimming.

Even if the watch has so much to offer for recreational runners and swimmers, it’s not ignoring those who’ve a strong passion for gym. The latest smartwatch looks forward to resolve all the issues faced in earlier version of the smartwatch.

Here in this Apple Watch Series 2 review, we’ll dig more details about the smartwatch. Let’s get started:

Apple Watch Series 2 Review


If we talk about the design, nothing much has changed. It’s the same square design we saw in the earlier version. Everything is just the same. You’ll still find the crown and buttons (fitting for straps is also the same).

The only difference we noticed is that the Apple Watch Series 2 is slightly thicker than the original, which you may notice on the 42 mm version (on 38mm version, it’s almost unnoticeable). Everything else is just about the same.

The Smartwatch will be available in aluminum, stainless steel and of course the new ceramic version, with few new strap choices.

Well the best part is that the new Watch has been made waterproof, which means now you can also use it for swimming. This is indeed great decision as the functionality of the smartwatch is going to increase this way and so are the users.

Also the screen brightness has been improved as compared to the earlier version.


Apple Watch Series 2 has supports the same features you saw in the first watch. You can perform almost same tasks (changing faces, customizing small widgets) you used to perform in the earlier version of the Apple watch. Home screen is also still the same. You can still receive notifications from Apps (both native and third-party), so that you don’t have to dig your pockets again and again to retrieve and check your phone.

Many issues that we saw in the previous Apple smartwatch have been resolved. The core smartwatch feature which didn’t work good on the original, works much better on the Apple Watch Series 2.

Also, you can still use voice to dictate responses in native Apple Messages app. Apart from this, you can use emoji and even use the new Scribble feature (lets you draw out letters individually with your fingers to type messages). And, I must say that the accuracy is surprisingly good. You can also send drawing and images.

Operating System

Apple Watch Series 2 is runs on watchOS 3, which is the latest operating system in Apple’s smartwatches. The iPhone maker has kept its promise to make continual and regular improvements in the performance of the smartwatch. Several improvements have been made in the new watchOS 3. The dock is a useful edition, so are the more customizable watch faces.

Apps and performance

Apple Watch Series 2 features the similar set of preinstalled apps like Workout, Activity, Clock, Mail, Messages, Stopwatch, Weather, Photos, Music, Stocks, Remote (for controlling iTunes), Calendar and Maps.

The performance has been improved, all thanks to new built-in dual-core processor. However, you may notice that the apps are unusually slow. A new app takes about 2 seconds to load, which may vary to over five seconds and there is no guarantee that it wouldn’t hang or crash. So you may need to consider these little things before your proceed to buy the app.

Battery life

Battery life was one major issue in the earlier Apple Watch. All you got was one day or little more. However, in latest Apple Watch Series 2, battery life has been improved (however, it doesn’t mean that you are going to get Pebble Smartwatch like battery performance). Now, you’ll get two days in fully charged battery.


Apart from the main features, we have covered additional significant features in our Apple Watch Series 2 review. Read on.


Activity tracking

The new smartwatch lets you swiftly track your activity, which you can see within the Activity app. No changes have been made in the app. It still features three rings for Move (steps), Exercise (active minutes) , and Stand (amount of hours when you got up and moved).


The running experience has been improved in the new app with newly added GPS support. Now you can leave your iPhone behind, when you’re running, jogging or going for a walk.

Heart rate performance

The heart rate performance has been improved in the new Apple Watch Series 2 as compared to its predecessor.


With the newly added waterproof support, you can now do swimming with the new watch. It is waterproof up to 50 meters of depth. Also a new Breath app has been added, so that you can relax while you swim.


Apple Watch Series 2 is available for $369.

Let’s have a brief look at what the new smartwatch has got and where it needs improvement:

The Pros

  • Excellent looks
  • Accurate swim tracking
  • Water proof design
  • Improved notification support
  • Speedy and reliable GPS

The Cons

  • Lacks sleep tracking
  • App drawer seems congested
  • No elevation tracking
  • Battery life isn’t improved much
  • Apps take time to load


Here comes the final words on Apple Watch Series 2 review. The company has made a cunning effort to resolve all major issues that occurred in the previous smartwatch and it is successful too much extent. However, when it comes to add new features, we hardly see anything new. The design is basically the same, so are the features. However, you may see some improvements in notifications support. Also, battery life has been improved but not up to the level we were expecting (only two days). The smartwatch runs on watchOS 3, which is the latest operating system for smartwatches. The performance has been improved. However, the apps still take time to load.

The best thing you may see in the new smartwatch is that it has been made waterproof, which means swimmers can also use it. Rest, you’ll encounter the same features and same apps.

Overall, concluding our Apple Watch Series 2 review, we just want to say if you are not satisfied with the performance of earlier version, then you’ll definitely love this one. However, if you are looking for something new, you might be little disappointed.

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Apple Watch Series 2 review: improved features yet nothing new
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Apple Watch Series 2 review: improved features yet nothing new
Here in this Apple Watch Series 2 review, we'll discuss the second generation from Apple, Apple Watch Series 2 in detail.
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