How to quickly disable Facebook Live Notifications

Facebook introduced its new video streaming feature, Facebook Live a few months back. The new function lets Facebook users broadcast events in real time to their friends and followers. The feature does appear interesting and useful, yet by default, it sends notifications to all of someone’s friends every time they start a stream. This causes your account to be stuffed with notifications. Fret not; you can easily disable Facebook Live notifications in case you feel the default feature annoying enough. Read on to know more.

In general, receiving continuous notifications from Facebook Live means that unlike a shared post or photo, where you are only notified when your friend has tagged you in a way; you receive notification for any Facebook Live events your friends create…even when you aren’t tagged in.

Up to an extent, this makes some sense: notifying people when the event is happening is a good way to ensure that people see it live. But in real, the same becomes quite bothersome. But fortunately, you can easily disable Facebook Live notifications with just a few settings tweaks.

Disable Facebook Live notifications

If you know where the settings are, fixing this annoyance, like most of the other Facebook’s unwanted features is quite easy. All you need to disable Facebook Live notifications is,

    • Log in to your Facebook account
    • Click/tap on the menu down arrow in the upper-right corner of the top navigation bar
    • Select Settings


    • Search for Notifications entry in the left-side navigation column. Once found, click/tap it


    • While you are there, click on Edit link next to On Facebook at the top of the list


    • Scroll down the notifications menu and look for Live Videos (near bottom). Click/tap on the dropdown box along Live Videos
    • Change the default settings from On to All Off


The change will be effective from the moment you tweak these settings to “All Off”. From now on, you will no longer get the annoying notifications whenever a live stream starts.

So this was all to disable Facebook Live notifications. With just a few clicks and tweaks, you can easily go back to the relative silence and order that preceded the arrival of Facebook Live.

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How to quickly disable Facebook Live Notifications
Article Name
How to quickly disable Facebook Live Notifications
If you are bothered by the pile of notifications you receive every time a live event is created, you can easily disable Facebook Live notifications.
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