iOS 10 review: new features with better functionality

iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices has finally arrived in the market. The iPhone maker boasts that its latest mobile operating system packs an extensive collection of new features and functionalities that will completely redefine your iPhone experience. why not to have a glimpse of iOS 10 review to know more about the capabilities and limitations of the latest OS.

While many users are admiring new features in iOS 10, there are also some people who are not satisfied as they were expecting much more for the latest operating system update. That’s the reason we have come up with this iOS 10 review, where we’ll discuss in detail about the latest iPhone operating system. Let’s have a sneak peek:

iOS 10 review

Here in this iOS 10 review, we will uncover the latest OS by Apple in brief:


Well, if you are expecting a system-wide visual redesign like you saw in iOS 7, you’ve to be disappointed. No such changes have been made in the operating system. However, there are some small yet significant changes in some parts like lock screen, and the notification center.

Talking about the lock screen! It has been redesigned and expanded in scope. A lot of these changes are focused on 3D touch, which clarifies Apple’s strategy of introducing the feature more and more throughout the system. Also, the widgets can now work on a larger format, thus making them useful for different types of apps.

Also, there is a new feature called Rise to wake that makes the screen of your iPhone light up and show you the lock-screen when you lift it up.

Although, this feature doesn’t apply to iPads.

Now, talking about the notification center, the notifications are much more interactive than they used to be in the older versions. You can 3D touch most of them to get quick glance at the vital information. Apart from this, the latest iOS enables live updates within the notifications themselves, which means you can open an iMessage notification, read it and quick reply to it without even opening the app.

Performance and Battery life

Apple isn’t making big claims about increased battery life and performance in iOS 10, but it works smoothly on most of devices. Also, compared to the previous version battery life is slightly better.

iOS 10 key features

Let’s see what significant changes have been made within the iOS:

  • Messages

One of the most significant changes has been made in the iMessages app. It is no longer the same boring and dull app you used for sending and receiving messages in older versions. Several new features have been added in it, which makes it par to its rivals like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat. Lots of changes have been made in the app and several features have been added. Emojis are now three times larger and will be suggested by QuickTime’s predictive text. This will make your conversations more live and interactive.

Apart, there is a versatile collection of visual effects to choose front. Apart from this, the app has its own App Store from which you can download stickers, emoji, apps and games. Also, there is an ability to enable or disable read receipts.

Overall, the iMessages app is now completely redesigned and packed with new features. Once you start using it, you’ll hardly opt for other messaging applications again.

  • Deleting preinstalled apps

Deleting pre-installed apps is the most common issue, iOS users face. There were several complaints from users in the past, asking Apple to provide a suitable solution to remove preinstalled apps. Well, the good news is that Apple is finally letting you remove stock apps (technically! Only the user data is removed, the apps always remain hidden on your device). So, you can easily get rid of unwanted applications from your home screen.

  • Phone app

The Apple Phone app has also included some significant features like the ability to have voicemail transcriptions, directly from the app. Thanks to the new feature; you can swiftly convert speech into text, without you requiring intervening.

  • Music

Apple Music app has also received some significant changes like, a visual redesign and lyrics. Also, now you can continue listening to music whilst taking live photos.

  • Siri

Now, Siri is also available to third-party developers, which means you can also use the digital assistant in non-Apple apps. This opens up the platform and allows a greater number of apps to be controlled by voice.

  • Photos

Apple Photos app has also received some significant changes. From now on, you can search for objects like people, place or event and photos related to that search will appear. Also, there is this memories feature that automatically saves your photos in a separate gallery, which you can easily access later. Seriously! This is the best way rekindle your incredible moments.

  • Home

There is this brand-new app that acts as a hub to control all the smart home (HomeKit) devices you’ve. Once you’ve set the devices using their own apps and pairing systems, you’ll be able to use them within the app. From here, you can easily control all the devices.

  • Unlocking

Also, there is a change in the way your iPhone gets unlocked. Instead of just putting your finger on Home screen button, you’ll need to press it (You can change it if you want to).

The Pros

  • Ability to remove preinstalled apps
  • Developer 3D Touch integration
  • Raise to Wake feature
  • Siri is finally open to developers
  • Fun visual effects in Messages

The Cons

  • Some 3D Touch actions are not obvious
  • iPad requires more features
  • When Apple stops signing iOS 9.3.5, it’ll be impossible to downgrade


Summing up the iOS 10 review, i just want to say that the latest OS successfully lives up to our expectations and to what Apple was claiming. It indeed boasts a plethora of new features which you’ll definitely love. Significant changes in the apps like iMessages, Apple Music and Apple Photo, are pretty much fun.  Also some smaller changes in the lock screen and the notification panel look elegant.

In simple words, iOS 10 is the best update Apple has released since many years. You must go for it!

Our iOS 10 review ends here. Stay tuned for more updates!

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iOS 10 review: new features with better functionality
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iOS 10 review: new features with better functionality
Here in this iOS 10 review, we'll discuss the latest iPhone operating system in brief. We'll talk about its design, performance and specifications in detail
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