Best VLC tips and tricks everyone should know
Best VLC tips and tricks everyone should know

VLC is undoubtedly one of the best multimedia players available in the market, allowing you to play almost all audio and video file formats as well as DVDs, CDs, VCDs and various streaming protocols. Let’s have a roundup of some best VLC tips and tricks to take your multimedia experience to the level beyond your expectations.

VLC tips and tricks

Convert your media files to another format

With VLC, there is no need to install additional applications to convert any audio or video file  format. You can convert any video by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open VLC on your system
  • Click Media > Convert/Save
  • A dialog box will appear asking you to select a file you want to convert
  • Now select a file by clicking add option and then click Convert/Save
  • Add source media and then choose destination folder
  • You can select the desired file format in VLC Profile under Settings
  • Click Start and your selected media file will be then converted

VLC Inception trick

This is a simple yet interesting trick of VLC media player. To get started, open VLC media player on your system and press Ctrl + N. Now type “screen://” in the opened window and click Play. With this VLC will capture screenshot of your current screen and will keep on capturing screenshots in smaller size. Then the application will put all of the screenshots on its display panel which will appear as an inception effect.


Use VLC as YouTube downloader

VLC allows you to play YouTube videos with ease. You can use the audio/video player as YouTube downloader as well. Here’s how to do so:

  • On YouTube, just browse a video you want to view
  • Copy its URL
  • Now head to VLC media player installed on your system
  • Click Media menu and select Open Network Stream
  • Now paste the copied URL into the box given

VLC media player will now load the video you selected from YouTube and play it on your desktop within a VLC window.

Stream media over Internet or Network

VLC media player is capable of streaming media across your local network or Internet. You can do so by clicking the Media menu > Stream. Now fill the space with the media file you wish to stream and then click Stream option.

You can even set up VideoLan’s VLC as a media server in an attempt to allow other computers, on the same network, to connect to your stream and view it. There is a lot more in VLC tips and tricks, keep reading!


Play video as ASCII Output

You can use VLC for ASCII playback as well. Though this VLC tip is not very useful, it can amuse you or your friends. In ASCII playback mode, the multimedia application will show a particular video as ASCII characters instead of playing it generally. To get started, go to Tools option in VLC, select Preferences and then click the Video icon.

After doing so, click the Output box and choose Color ASCII art video output. Give the application a new start after saving all settings. Now play a new video and enjoy ASCII playback.

Apply audio or video effects

With VLC, you can apply an array of audio and video effects to your media files. To do so, click the Tools menu in VLC and select Effects and Filters option. You can give any effect to your audios or videos from here. Moreover, you can combine these effects with the other features of VLC. For instance, VLC lets you permanently apply an effect to a video by enabling them before using the Convert/Save feature.

These VLC tips and tricks are just a bit of the iceberg. The multimedia application can do a lot more than this. To check it out, download VLC media player now by clicking here ! You can also download VLC on your, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS system or device.

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Best VLC tips and tricks everyone should know
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Best VLC tips and tricks everyone should know
VLC is undoubtedly one of the best multimedia players available in the market. Here's a roundup of some best VLC tips and tricks to master the software.
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